Saturday, January 8, 2011


AFTER posting my comment to Cycling News Forum I received a few comments which I immediately sent through to the Blog Posting WITHOUT interference. Some of those posting to CNF suggest I interfered with these comments , they were of two types ,supporting me for an attempt to participate and another suggesting I read all 46 pages of the comments before joining in their discussion.

My comment went in on page 42 , below is the link: copied the following comment because when you read it carefully you see that the phrase “Friends like these, who needs enemies” certainly applies !

Originally Posted by skippy 
So many comments to my attempt to join the thread that i felt it necessary to do a blog entry:
Some of you will enjoy reading my input others will take issue, please use the email address offered if you wish to debate.
Those that wish to pour more vitriol carry on as you usually would:
I tried reading your blog entry. I'm not trying to deliberately insult you, but I found it painful to read. You start making a point, fail to finish, and then just move on to the next unfinished point. To put it mildly... You ramble.

I can see that you think that former Armstrong employees that sue are merely in it for the money. I can only think of one employee who sued Lance, and it was actually a countersuit. And the only reason he became persona-non-grata is because he found some "secret sauce" in Lance's cabinet and then failed to offer him an "All's cool". Perhaps Ms. Crow also discovered the same.

You probably are not aware of it, but the company you're keeping here is a diverse group. And by diverse, I mean people who have raced WITH Lance, worked FOR Lance, been friends OF Lance, etc. Not to mention the hordes of individuals here who personally have decades of experience in the peloton. We're not exactly idiots. We're not blind and if you think we're merely a bunch of angry losers, you're quite wrong. This is the best educated group of people I've ever encountered on the subject of doping, and I've been closely following the topic for 15 years now.

Perhaps the membership on this particular forum is a bit elitist for your tastes. I can understand that. But you'll have to do better than "Landis is a proven liar", because, quite Frankly, Landis' revelations are only news to us in the sense that an insider finally came clean. Everything he's said since May are things that we've long known about. And the case being built against Armstrong today? Quite Frankly, it probably will not depend on the credibility of Floyd Landis.

You've got a LOT of homework to do if you want to seriously challenge this group on the facts.

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##Today, 16:50 #

Not good at transferring material so hope this item has come out clear enough.

Page 46 had a few amusing items

These guys certainly have a sense of humour.

Last days there have been no further comments on this thread but i guess they have started up on another with the same old same old or "SSDD" !

Regrettably I am still awaiting emails from these people on how to comment to the threads that do get the job done.

Tried not to Ramble in this post !

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