Wednesday, October 16, 2013


16 days of entertainment for the World , is about to end ! Congress has decided that the comedy must end and thus they appear to have dressed their window with the following :

Whilst 800k Federal Employees were sent home on Furlough , these turkeys , preened and patted each other on the back , as if they were doing something to EARN the salaries that the US Taxpayer pays them! Oh yes , these turkeys were being paid their normal Salary , to entertain us with their shenanigans , whilst the decent Voting Public were being treated like toys , to be tossed out of the pram , when the ELECTED President wouldn't allow REPEAL of the ACA Law that they FOUGHT an Election over , after they failed in the Supreme Court in their bid to have it repealed .

Several individuals behaved like they were Somali Pirates , holding to Ransom the US Federal Government , others could have been recruited to the Taliban & Al queereda and done less damage to the USA's reputation abroad !

So currently we have the semblence of a deal , since Senator ted cruz , has said he will not " phillybuster "? Big of him to let the USA get back to some semblence of financial order , perhaps even the rest of the World? Does he think that he has done a good job ? Done what he was elected to do ? When will he realise that what he set out to do would be catostrophic for the man in the street ? Another fat cat , with his snout in the gravy , who has lost track of reality !

Watching the Major News Networks these past weeks , you will have seen the man in the street , being treated with a cavalier disregard . So many US Citizens continue to " live hand to mouth " , through the behaviour of the big Banks in the 2008 Financial Disaster . Politicians are so careless with the truth , fitting facts to suit their requirements . Seems some of them " VOTE Laws " , thinking that they can change their position at a later date ?

Whilst we the public have been told that there are provisions for ALL Furloughed Workers to receive "Backpay " for their being at home , WHAT OF THE OTHERS ?
 Having been to the " Statue of Liberty " in 1994 , i am aware that there are so many " Businesses " that are WHOLLY reliant on the " business as usual " to earn an income , PAY THEIR BILLS !

Only today , i saw an excerpt on the news of people in France , they were there for one purpose ONLY ! To visit the D Day Cemetaries ! Even in Washington there were Veterans trying to visit Monuments , being turned away ! THESE People in most cases had to make choices to even get to these places . In many cases they would have had to budget for years to set aside the monies for the expenses on these trips . Some would have had to eliminate the normal daily treats , so as to have the monies to visit the graves of Family , Friends , Comrades or honour the memory of US Forces lost in the fight for Liberty ?

These visits in some cases were irretrievably lost . Imagine being on a miserable Pension , saving for years to be in France , on an Anniversary , then arriving to find the gates LOCKED , because an overfed , bloated elected official in Congress , decided that he is going to grandstand , in the hope he will force the ELECTED President to allow Laws Voted and challenged in the Supreme Court , to be defunded ? One young lady found herself at the gates of a French Cemetary and stated on TV , for the world to hear , that she will NEVER vote Republican in the future ! A dying Swede and an Englishman were also shown in the same report . When will any of these people be able to make a return trip , to pay their respects ?

Was amused to hear in the first week that the WHITE HOUSE telephone was on an Automatic Loop Message " WE ARE CLOSED "! Not for me to repeat how many sectors of the US Government was closed , but it was interesting to note that in the first week , there was a " Lockdown Incident " on Capitol Hill and a number of the responding Law Enforcement Officers were on UNPAID Service . What would happen if they died in that situation ?

With an UNEMPLOYED Soldier being presented with the " Medal of Honor " in the #govshutdown , one wonders WHAT , those in Congress think of those people that elected them ?

Watching the White House Spokesman , Jay Carney , in a " presser " of 40 minutes trying to deal with questions , left me feeling that the whole matter is not resolved and it was pertinent that he said , NO Plans were in place to recall " Furloughed Workers "!

Just supposing that the House of Reps votes the plan , that is IF the Senate goes first , and cruz doesn't stick a " phillybuster " , then we may avoid the WHOLE WORLD finding out the consequences of the reckless disregard , some of Congress has to their fellows ?

With a December 13th deadline for Budget Negotiations , there is definitely the opportunity for a repeat performance . Good Intentions are easily reported , making the deal work remains to be seen . Politics will see each of the combatants fighting like spoiled children during the next couple of months .

With so many people having lost income since the 1st October , it would be surprising if any of those furloughed were planning a Christmas like past years ? Most likely this Christmas will be very dismal , as people do their best to survive the festive season , knowing that more problems lis ahead in 2014 ! How many seasonal workers that survive from paycheck to paycheck , will be able to find work this season ? So many business owners will be reluctant to open their doors to excess staff until the money is in their cash drawers , but then it will be too late for many ?

During the past weeks , whilst people were losing their incomes , thus perhaps even unable to pay their mortgages & rents , there were others losing the opportunities to avoid DEATH :

To see that this lady is only one of the 200+ each week that were denied HOPE , is shocking enough , BUT , there are many OTHER Programs that would have been similarly impacted , some opportunities will have been lost for ever !

Some of my recent tweets , most recent first :

  1. Don't give up YOUR day job, unable to run Congress for the US Citizens makes a lousy CV for Ruined Economy !
  2. Furloughed back to work,but SO MANY LOSSES Who will enjoy THIS XMAS due to Congress
  3. Fat Lady sung! Capt William Swenson unemployed Who will enjoy THIS XMAS due to Congress

Fat Lady yet to sing ! Furloughed workers on Bread & Water at XMAS if Congress carries on in this SHAMEFUL WAY!

Unemployed Captain William Swenson(MoH) can now look forward to a REPEAT of in Jan14 if is still in Congress!

So U give goahead for Budget to mid Jan14 & Debt Ceiling to mid Feb ? Do you think FED Workers will enjoy XMAS spending up?

Out of BED? Hope photo is not way you behave today? TIME you thought of VETS! They SERVED their FOLK!

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