Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Rarely do you see people apologise , even then it gets back page treatment !

Today i found a rare character who sets out his mindset then identifies the person who he has ignored and publicly apologies to him !

Going on record like this is GUTSY and deserves recognition !

Jon Vaughters has been a racer and is now the Head of Garmin-Cervelo Team , and is in the position of picking and choosing who he associates with as well as employs .

Let me give you the link because i don't think i can do justice to his efforts to rectify what he considers was bad behaviour on his part :

How many others out there have suffered in this way ?

CyclingNews Forum have been the subject of some of my blogs as those in that mushroom farm definitely need chopping down at the knees !

WE ALL SHOULD think about what we say and do because our actions impact others and we all have feelings and aspirations .

No apologies are due to those armchair critics who hide behind pseudonyms and feed the rest of us with their poisoned ideas of the truth , fact is those bully boys need the rug pulled from under them . But closing down their forums will only have them move on elsewhere to spoil even more people's enjoyment of the Cycling Industry

Like Vaughters i hope Tondo has a great season because we need riders with "Principles" out there showing that Sport can be clean !

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