Saturday, December 31, 2011


Christmas has come and gone BUT where is the shape you had before the festivities ?

Those reading my “ Facebook ” post in recent days will see one of my “ New Year Resolutions ” which I have asked ALL to pass on to their “ Friends ” .

For some seasons I have passed through the winter holding on to the 80+ kilo weight with a slight variance of + or - 2 kilos . Generally speaking I do little to control the situation other than to avoid beer or more than one each day . Wine mostly red , mixed with soda water is generally my daily preference but I get through a main course , cheese , yogurt and desert and a few chocs or biscuits and coffee after . Not missing out am I ?

Well last year I did miss out ! Because I was able to be consistent , when Fat Cyclist ran his “ Lose 10lbs Contest ” I was unable to participate without messing up my training and dietary intake . I guess I could have over indulged for a few days and without exercise achieved an extra 5 kilos so as to lose them again but even though there was a “ Nice new bike “ on offer it really did not appeal . About the same time I had a reoccurrence of the “ Embolisms ” so who knows what else would have eventuated as a result ?

Others are not so lucky and when you see the photos you will see that the following rules borrowed from the Man who achieved , WORK !

Gary Brennan is to be congratulated on his “ Life Saving ” achievement and although he doesn’t answer my emails , I hope if you contact him , he will offer the help you request !

Gaz still awaiting the answer about the Manchester Airport Cycle Track Tunnels , hope no one else has crashed in the interim !

Gaz’s rules follow :

1: The most simple tip to lose weight EVER is "Eat less and move more" – Common sense I know but it's what every single weight loss plan is based on, TRUST ME !
2: Control the AMOUNT you eat at each meal time - make sure your meals are low in fat. This is not set in stone for instance you might want to also think about calories or portion control.
3: Get weighed - Measure your body, hips, thighes, chest, arms, neck......what can be measured can be managed. Always weigh-in on the same day in the same clothes on the same scales at the same time of day.
There is no point starting on a weight loss plan unless you get weighed first. This is very important. You need to be able to monitor your progress to know how well you are doing and that any changes in your lifestyle and eating are reaping the rewards or where you are making mistakes.
4 Keep a food diary - write down what you eat and what exercise you have done. Make sure you look at Calories n vs Calories out and try to ensure that Calories out is MORE than Calories in - If it helps you write down your feelings.
5, Make a Goal list - write down achievable goals.
If my first ever goal, at 39 stone, was to ride to Blackpool in 3 hours and 10 mins, I would have failed on my journey VERY early on, so my goals were simple ones like tie my shoes, shop in regular stores, as the express train that is the 39 stone cyclist picked up speed and rumbled on, the goals got bigger, harder and more focused, to the point where I can now average 20mph on the bike, I can do "Joel Lane" and not only do I shop at regular stores, I even tie my shoes in them while shopping in the bargain basement section and stuff FITS
Good luck with your own journeyin 2012, may it be a happy, healthy and successful one
Gaz ( Google 39 stone cyclist ) !

Normally I weigh when I get up in the morning but have weighed in again after a long ride to see what weight change there has been , particularly on a hot day , since I am more conscious about dehydration effects .

With no apparent allergies I can indulge myself and enjoy any food invitations that come my way at the various cycle tours that I visit . Weekends on the Giro and Daily on the TDF I get an invite to sit down and indulge and have discovered many interesting dishes prepared in various ways I those “ Hosting ” these events . To any that have been my hosts that may be reading , once again “ sincere thanks ” , feel free to stop me and invite me to indulge when next we meet !


For those that follow Gaz's rules , it won't come EASY ! Hard work and few results at first means you are on the right path , SO PERSEVERE !

Added 6th Jan 2012

In other posts i have mentioned

Here is a guy who has taken up cycling once again and become a World Champion Cyclist ! Starting off with the intention to lose weight he became so motivated that he was able to join the Irish National Team !

Not all of you will have the success he has managed to become but then you are not " Physically Disabled " ? Watch this guy's progress through 2012 and be there to congratulate him when he competes at London 2012 Paralympics !

Thursday, December 8, 2011

PAPER.Li the self Publishing Nightmare

WANT to start your own Newspaper ? claims to be the answer ! From my point of view I thought it would be similar to the blog setup . Not so , it has frustrated me for over a month . I originally thought to combine all the blogs from Paralympian , Olympic , Sports and Occupy Movement areas into ONE all inclusive destination , so that when I clicked on I would have a plethora of stories to choose from .

All I have achieved to date is source a variety of items from the “ Occupy Movement ” ! whilst I am happy that I get something , I called this creation “ PARRABUDDY ” for a reason and not “ occupy ” which is what it appears to be at present .

Many weeks ago I put a comment on the front page requesting help well after I had appealed to “ ATL ” the cycling item that occasionally tweets me to say that he has used an item from my many sources and to date there has been no response . Of course I have been to “’s help centre ” but even there they refer you to “ tutorials ” that appear not to work ! Now I readily admit that I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer BUT I rarely have trouble with running my blogs . All my knowledge there comes from “ blogger help centres ” and whilst I get no comments and followers in recent times I am able to successfully post whatever I create .

Here are a few of the comments I have sent into :

Original Comment

“ My
When setting up a month ago i was able to get " Occupy" items but all the Paralympic Sports and Ski , Cycle , Rowing , Olympic are despite huge amounts of effort not getting into the paper !
At 66yo i am prepared to learn new tricks BUT with 6 blogs working quite well THIS has been an exercise in frustration !
Should you be able to sort the issues i will persevere BUT it looks like the " CAN " if there is much more of this aggro !
From this set of comments i have been able to open favourites and on my paper there is the RHS box saying rightclick and then i left click on " add to favourites " and so up comes a box with " Parrabuddy" in it , so far i do not see “ parrabuddy" in the list but when i repeat the procedure this box then tells me " do i wish to overwrite "
Whilst writing this comment the computer has used 30MB , yours is the only site open so one comment has cost me the day’s allowance , I know it’s NOT YOUR FAULT but this has happened whilst I am on 16bit/sec D/load ! And the comment has not gone through because of the low usage rate !
Tried various options to comment thru :
NONE WORKED and lost many more days of MB ! Thanks ! Do I Need THIS AGGRO ?
Dec-05 2011 21:42.

Again !

SO far i see no reply to my comment even though i have refreshed this page several times !
Had this been my product i would have gone out of my way to solve some of the issues !
Obviously YOU CHOOSE NOT TO HELP ! NO point my thinking any other than this is a rubbish product that those working with it wish that i and the " Disabled Community " go away ! ”
Dec-06 2011 12:55.

2nd comment from me

“ SO far i see no reply to my comment even though i have refreshed this page several times !
Had this been my product i would have gone out of my way to solve some of the issues !
Obviously YOU CHOOSE NOT TO HELP ! NO point my thinking any other than this is a rubbish product that those working with it wish that i and the " Disabled Community " go away ! ”
Dec-06 2011 12:55.

Reply by staff

Hi all,
please excuse the delay of our response. Could you please all submit a ticket (, we can better help you then for your individual issues.
Thank you in advance and best regards,
Dec-06 2011 13:09

3rd comment from me :

“ WELL Birgit i have tried that !
Intellectually disabled ? I AM TRYING to help the " Para Athletes ! THose that aspire to the " Paralympics in London 2012 " , not sure where or when the " Special Olympics are taking place . Wasted too many MB on to google this for YOUR BENEFIT ! ”
Dec-07 2011 10:47.

Can’t say that I have endeared myself to them BUT it appears they do not wish to help . That being the case I will let the matter lapse and who loses ? Spent 15 seasons trying to get the word out to help “ Para Sports Athletes ” get sponsors and I know that there are many creating their own blogs BUT unless people tell the general public about them , those authors will be talking to their family , friends and fellow competitors rather than outside parties discovering them and asking their contacts to assist in creating more “ Sponsorship ”!

Recently I came across and I have mentioned him on Fat cyclist a couple of times to see if those 55k+ readers worldwide would find an interest in helping an Irish Paralympian . As yet I haven’t heard from Colin Lynch but when I try to leave comment on his blog the Blog tells me that it can not post as I have no connection to my own blogs ! Could be that my readers are having the same problems in leaving comments to my blog . Those wishing to contact me can use email which will help me show “ blogger ” that there is a problem .