Thursday, June 18, 2015


Within 1/2 km of the house i live , i pass through a roundabout whilst riding east , then pass a minor road on my left hand side that serves the Brandenbergtal . Today at about 1230 i see an Ambulance waiting for the traffic to pass before turning east behind me . Within less than 100M it has it's nose alongside me as it attempts to overtake on a right turning corner despite ONCOMING TRAFFIC . I am going at about 30+kph . so it eases it's speed to allow the bronze coloured  car to pass . By this time we are near the entry to the Ambulance Station and having suffered this bad behaviour , i signal with my arm a left hand turn . Being crowded by the Ambulance , i roll into the NEXT Entry , that of the Polizei in case the ambulance driver misjudges and causes ONE of his colleagues to have to transport me back to the Schwaz Hospital , that i had left 35 mins earlier !

Being in the RIGHT , that perhaps is DEAD RIGHT , does not work for me ! At 70yo i expect to continue to ride in good health until  i am 80+yo  , if not older !

When i arrived alongside the Ambulance , the 3 occupants were still in the vehicle . I asked for the Director of this establishment . Whilst trying to gain this info , another of their colleagues called " Skippy "!  I went across to the outdoor canteen setting and discovered an Ambulance/Red Cross employee that i have cycled with on numerous occasions . Having explained in detail the circumstances of this incident , he advised that tthe " Controller " was in Kufstein , then related difficulties that he had ALSO suffered in the area .

In past blogs i have related an incident , where i chased a tractor that had driven through a " STOP Sign " , at full tilt ! That would have been the 2nd or 3rd time , that tractor or similar , had rolled through that intersection in my path !  Since i knew that with it heading north , would bring it to the mushroom farm , i had followed and reported the incident to the gatekeeper of the Mushroom Farm . i mentioned that he should put my complaint into the Plant Incident Records , as i felt certain that this driver was likely to KILL A CHILD , some time in the near future .  These days i slow near this junction , so as to avoid a repetition causing me injury . This Cycling Ambulance driver has had occasion to report that tractor driver to the Geminde , for exactly the same type of behaviour . Like so many living , perhaps growing old in this area , he is not as willing to make an issue of the IRRESPONSIBLE/Dangerous Driving behaviours that HE , and other Cyclists encounter ?  Easier to be INJURED or DEAD ? Don't rock the boat as a neighbour might not talk to you in a friendly manner ?

WHO GIVES A " FLY##g F#ck " what other BAD DRIVERS THINK ?

WHEN Emergency Services Vehicle Drivers DO NOT OBSERVE the AUSTRIA Driving Regulations , WHY , would the General Public ?

In 2014 , on Austrian Roads 51 Cyclists were KILLED !  Most of those Families would have lost THEIR BREADWINNER ?  It would be safe to assume that IF THE BREADWINNER is LOST , the Family will LOSE their FUTURE ?  Children may lose their Higher Education , whilst the Mother may have to go out to Work , IF , the State does not have to provide for their Welfare ?  Each UK Trooper lost in IRAQ & Afganistan was reported to COST the UK Treasury GBP 1/2 million , Austrians could assume that a Father would be worth about Eu 700k ? That is where the TAXES are going ?  How much time would the HURRYING Motorist lose , IF , they slowed / waited behind a moving Cyclist ? A pitiful amount of seconds!

The Ambulance Driver , trying to pass me , may have lost 3 to 5 seconds in the distance travelled behind me! I was riding at 30+kph in a 40kph zone , so several hundred metres of PATIENCE ? WHAT was so important that he was ENDANGERING a Vulnerable Human being ON A BIKE ? He needed the toilet , he was rushing to stop his lunch burning in an oven ?

When i arrived beside his vehicle , he had not even descended , and , where was he going ?  NOT to the toilet , since he stood around listening to me talking with his colleague for about 10 minutes or so !  So WHAT WAS THE URGENCY ?  He was not using his Siren or Blue Lights , so there was NO EMERGENCY ! AS to the other 2 occupants of the vehicle , were they so spaced out that they did not notice or remark about the CARELESS/DANGEROUS Driving ?

IF he was a GOOD Employee , he would have been more considerate of OTHER ROAD USERS , BUT , as he looks in the mirror , he will see a slovenly tub of LARD !  YES , i know there are people with weight problems , but do ALL of them have their shirt hanging out , creased and stained ? Their trousers rumpled ? HIS colleague , the Cyclist , was immaculately dressed in the same uniform . A Question of Attitude ?  Doubt that an Ambulance Driver that looks after their appearance , looks after their fitness , would be inconsiderate towards the public ?

Another incident worth remarking about occured as i was heading east out of Jenbach . Having crossed the Achensee Rail line there is a short hill that crests near the entrance to the Seniors School . 50M before the entrance to the School , i was overtaken by a red car , who metres in front of me , slammed on the brakes and turned onto the school premises !  I was forced into turning into the School premises to avoid colliding, so rode to the door of the then parked car . When the driver alighted , i asked him , IF HE HAD SEEN ME?  "YES , ABER/but i was SNELLER "!  Good Answer for DANGEROUS DRIVING ?

Hanging out of the upper floor windows , were dozens of students who heard me enquiring for " WHO is the person speaking  English "?  Eventually i tracked down the School Principal , who was Fluent , thus this allowed me to relate the circumstances and question , WHY , the driver was allowed to behave in this manner .

I pointed out to him that , PUPILS follow the behaviour of their " Parents / Teachers " , thus it is beholden on THOSE IN AUTHORITY , to set the example !  I even suggested that , IF a Teacher was to be ALLOWED Parking Priveleges , then their driving should have ANNUAL Review , to ensure they set a good example to their students !

Whilst composing THIS Blog , i have had " SKY TV News " running , thus i see BOZO ( Mayor of London on his Bike , being abused by a London Black Cab driver ) ! Not the fact that he was on a bike , being intimidated by a ton+ of METAL , BUT , his 4 letter word USED during the exchange of words ;  was the issue !  When threatened by a Vehicle , do you really think that he has to worry about his language ?

When a Senior Off Duty Polizei Officer riding his bike on a Sunday , can only give the finger to the driver of a topless Mercedes , after being abused , AND , the Chief Melbourne Police Officer , again Off Duty , can be abused by a FOUL MOUTHED Victorian Driver , THEN there is MUCH WRONG with Traffic LAWS in ALL Countries !

UNTIL I am skittled by a vehicle , Injured with Broken Bones & Hospitalised , there is NOTHING that the TIROL POLIZEI Officers are willing to do to bring to book the perpetrator ! Seems the Laws of Austria require a Cyclist to be seen by a Doctor before AN ASSAULT of any kind can be investigated ?

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