Friday, February 8, 2013


Sensation follows sensation as the New Year of Cycling Sport gets underway ! Most people thought Lance had gone away in October 2012 , but up pops his ugly past , when he sat down with Oprah in January ! It came as no surprise to find that he focused on himself alone . Most thought , he would name , Names ,  describe methods and reveal financiers . Nope , it was ALL about himself , SAD !

In the past 24hrs , Australian Authorities revealed , what was already revealed in the " Donati Report ", remember how i keep dragging up that story ? Yes , the Australian Government , has not been asleep at the wheel , there has been much going on behind the scenes . Barely 12 months before , Birotte the US Lawyer , closed down the Grand Jury Inquiry , over the protests of his investigators , who had amassed substantial evidence , that they believed would succeed in the Courts , in obtaining  convictions against their targets .

At the beginning of last week the Spanish Courts , started hearing evidence against a " Dr Fuentes " , long believed to be the mastermind of " Doping / PED Product Usage "! Bear in mind that the Spanish Police , raided his premises in the 2005/6 period . Analysis of the product confiscated , revealed that his clients came from a variety of Sports & Countries and Bags of blood were labelled with " Code Names "! Some Cycle Racers , used the names of their dogs , to hide their identities . Over the years we have heard of Cycle Racers getting " Sick " , too many of these " absenses " could be put down to Racers being given , someone else's Blood ?

Additionally in recent weeks ,  Police in Southern Spain , arrested former professional cyclist José Luis Martinez , and uncovered what they believe is a Europe-wide network providing doping products.

Recent weeks have seen a great deal of controversy , surface in the Sports Columns of many Aussie Newspapers , since Essendon and Geelong Clubs have come under the microscope , due to certain Sports Doctors having tainted associations , back in the 2003 period .

Those reading these blogs will know of my disdain for a particular individual , phat mc splat and his sidekick Nein , as they run the " UCI organisation from one disaster into another ! The aigle tag team duo , created the " Independent Commission into UCI " , in November and when in January 2013 , it displayed it's independence , they derailed it's progress , to avoid delivering the documentation that it claims to have collected , so that it could do it's work , claiming that it would conflict with the next bright idea that occured to them , a Truth & Reconciliation Commission !

Arriving at a " Procedural Hearing of the UCIIC " in January , phat mc splat was accompanied by a Queens Councell ( reported to cost $2500/hr ) & 6 lawyers , all there to say what , you & I , could say ourselves , if we had nothing to hide . When the UCI Auditors get to inspect the books , they will see why UCI , set aside $5 million to cover the expected costs of the inquiry . Had the books of UCI been pristine clean , i doubt that there would have been the necessity to conduct an Inquiry , but all i , a member of the public can see , is the departure of long serving members of the UCI Administration . Some no doubt leave because after 15 years , another significantly worthwhile , career enhancing post arises . Others leave because they are expected to sign " Change of Employment Contracts " , that blindfold , gag and handcuff them !

 Another matter surfaced this week , which does not reflect well on the ASADA ! It would appear that this Organisation has some of the short comings of the USADA , in respect to treatment of evidence :

Seems that two brothers and their father are woven into this saga .

With Australian Authorities hard at work , utilising the Evidence gathered , time will reveal the prosecution of a considerable number of Athletes , across a broad spectrum of Sports . It seems to me that the most likely candidates for prosecution , will be the low men on the totem pole . Easier to drag before the courts , those without the resouces to fight their corner ! Taking on the " Stars " of a Sport , will be another matter , since they will most likely go the route of the flandises & shamiltons of this world , and sell their supporters the " I am Innocent " routine , swallowing money and resources , whilst they seek " Justice "?

Australia has brought John Fahey into the mix , since he is not only a retired Premier of New South Wales State Government , but currently head of WADA !  His thoughts on the situation can be found here :

Those of you recalling the last Tour de France , which i saw as a " One Horse Race ", will agree with the likelihood that Team SKY , could find a lot of interest focussing on those that departed their Administration  ranks after the " Zero Tolerance Policy " was announced .

Those that attended Thursday's , Australian Conference , will be able to be more effective in the coming months , since New Legislation was introduced to Federal Parliament and the ASADA was supplied with an increased Budget to fight the " Doping / PIED Scourge " , that threatens Australian Sport .

Coming out of the Australian Conference was a change of emphasis , since " PED -Performance Enhancing Drugs " is now to be regarded as  " PIED _Performance & Image Enhancing Drugs "! With the word " Image " being added , there is now a broader spectrum , thus incorporating the " Shamateur as well as Pro Sports Athletes "! This change of approach , highlights the cultural shift in society  which is breeding tolerance to the taking of supplements and making the job of the anti-dopers harder.

 The online sales and use of hormones and steroids in gyms is a rising problem. Some of you may recall the WADA Conference in Stockholm , mid 2012 , where the theme was related to the Population in general . Once again i would remind ALL , of the " Donati Report " which , highlights these subjects , upto 2006 . I wonder when this report will be updated , thus allowing more of the unpalatable truth to be exposed ?

Internet Marketing has reached the point where , in past years , i would write a post on " Anti Doping " , then find Google , had  posted Ads for " Doping Suppliers " ! Defies belief that they could be so stupid as to allow their search engines to behave in this way ? 

In conclusion , it would appear that Olympic Sport , World wide , is run by an Organisation , that tries to duck responsibility for " fixing the Wheel " ! But the IOC is not alone , in as much as you will find that the World Champion Paralympic Curling Champion , was subject to a 2 year sanction for swallowing his dead wife's " birth control pills ! That furfy was introduced in the defence argument ,  like Alberto Contador's " Tainted beef " story  and shamilton's " Twin birth " story . 

Last year i introduced two Petitions , that i thought would help Athletes , to find a way to reveal their Past " Misdeeds " : …
& …

Had the racers and the Public , decided to join me in promoting this approach , perhaps differently worded , we ALL would be able top avoid the next months and years of the " groans & exclamations " as we open the newspaper , watch the TV or access the internet and discover , yet more of the relevations relating to " Athletes Prosecuted "!