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People of Character

Anna Zimmermann writes the Blog “ 150 Watts of awesome “ since Feb 2011 and posted “ Two thousand Wrongs “ last Monday the 17th Sept . About 6.39am that day , an “ anonymous comment appeared signed by a “ lauralyn “! Later that same day , someone queried that signature and several days later “ Lauralyn in reply , began her monologue regarding the Clinic of CNF !

Since then there have been 40+ comments , in the main, anonymous , which has sent the thread on CNF ballistic .

Coming out of this furore is a “ Man of Principle “ , who as you see shown here  , below , believes in people knowing who he is , not an “ anonymous “ IP Address “! Since he formerly posted Comment as “ Scienceiscool “ , a total of 90+ posts since July 2009 , demonstrates Character .

Would be too much for any other “ Clinic member “ to introduce themselves in this way , wouldn’t you say ? Certainly a am aware of Jon Vaughters CNF avatur , and perhaps others also , but generally speaking , the other posters  hide from public scrutiny !

20.22 21/09/12

My name is John Swanson. I live in Vancouver, BC. Nobody can impersonate me, because I am not anonymous.

There are a very small number of people in the cycling community that have an agenda counter to the truth. They are few. We are many.

I am John Swanson and I ask you to stand with me. An attack against one of us is an attack against all of us. We are individuals, who are ultimately not anonymous. Together we can and should stand against those who will subvert the truth and intimidate those who will expose it.

I love cycling, and it has been a very big part of my life. I believe in fair competition. I believe in honor.

I am angered by the duplicity of Joe Papp. I deplore the actions of "Laura Lyn". I can not abide what Lance Armstrong and those around him have perpetrated against our sport. Dopers everywhere should be vilified. The fact that "Laura Lyn" has impersonated this forum's members is sickening.

John Swanson

21.25 21/09/12

Good lord, man. Stand up and dare those sons-of-b*tches to attack you. Name yourself and make it known that there is one more person in this world that will stand against the evil that has attacked our sport.

Frankie Andreu, Greg Lemond, Mike Anderson, Jonathan Vaughters (if you dare stand up), Monsieur Bassons, Race Radio, all others for fair sport; we stand with you. You can *not* attack us all and win!

I am John Swanson and we will take back our sport. Stand with me, or be defeated.

John Swanson

21.46  21/09/12

Gah. So much anger.

Jonathan Vaughters: you admitted to doping and cheating. That's it. You are not fit to lead. You have forfeited the sport of cycling to those who did not cheat. If you have *any* integrity you will resign and go back to school to learn accounting or get an MBA. Mea Culpa. Goodbye. That's just how it is. I reach into the till and steal, I get fired. Confess as you leave and make sure to close the door.

Bjarne Riis: WTF. You are 100% part of the problem. Leave. Just resign and leave.

Team Sky: You have damaged any new beginning we may have had this year. Do some soul searching and start over.

UCI: Declare yourselves defunct, incompetent and complicit in the whole sorry affair. Dissolve and commission an inquiry into how to rebuild. Ask WADA to join. Leave the IOC because it is beyond repair.

The entire sport: The amount of cleansing that needs to be done means that thousands of clean athletes have been left behind. There is no compensation. We need to move forward somehow.

ASO: Let's go back to national teams only for the next three to five years while the sport reorganizes. National federations are on notice and under the authority of WADA. No dopers are permitted to participate. I'm sorry. That's very painful, but you have taken the bread from the mouths of everyone who had failed to bend to the demon of doping.

Truth and Reconciliation: Yes. It must happen. And afterwards, all complicit need to leave the sport. A fund needs to be set up to re-train and educate those affected. That's more than you gave the clean athletes you f*cked over.

John Swanson

21.57   21/09/12
You risk nothing. Therefore, you have no impact. If you're okay with that then so am I.

John Swanson
22.22    21/09/12

...and? Hardly anonymous, am I? Braveheart, nothing. Stand together and dare the "machine" to retaliate. They already are picking us off one by one. The system is rotten and needs to be rebuilt. We are many. The dopers and enablers are few. What are you afraid of?

John Swanson

22.27  21/09/12

No. I agree. But it does lend power to those who can not be anonymous. If we are all public, legion, then how can the PR machine touch us? Tyler, we believe you and lend our name to your truth.

Go ahead Lance. Impugn me. Impugn all of us.

John Swanson

AT 22.52    21/09/12  we have this comment from “ AcademyCC “!

 “  I’m in 100%. Ready to go. I literally cannot handle anymore **** from these corrupt fools. No more. Given the situation happening around us right now it would be stupid to not have one big united push towards clean cycling.

This chance may never come about again. This forum can make a difference. Fact.

Drive the process with facts and competent discussion. No arguing with each other. Honest and 'clinical'. Keep the threads clean and to the point. No ****ing about.

John - I’ve had enough.

Daniel Morgan

BRAVO Daniel !

ChewbaccaD joined in at 23.46 on 21/09/12 with the following :

Well, my name is Trey Walters and I live in Charlotte, NC...but everyone already knew that.

I do have to say that for the years I tried to hide who I was, I was always worried someone would find out. Posting my true identity was actually a bit freeing if I'm being honest.
Proud member of the Clinic 12

OF COURSE there are some knuckleheads lurking as “sitting bison “ demonstrates at 23.49  21/09/12 :

Just checked out AnnaZ blog.

Yay!!! Ive become one of the "serious" clinic denizens lol. In fact made TWO posts hehe. who'd a thunk it.

“Texpat “ , known to have sued Lance ,weighed in on the thread , today , with :

 "  I've decided to apply for a name change.
I am now John Swanson.

Those of you who fear the repercussions of outing yourselves, you're welcome to come hide with me in New Zealand. A very large moat surrounds us here.

BTW Race Radio's real name is Dweezil Zappa ".

Followed through with this  comment :

 "  Don't worry John--I'm with you on this one. Everybody knows who I am!
Sadly, Canada wouldn't let any more Amerikans in, so we emigrated to NZ.
Wellington is a lot like Vancouver, but far, far away from the US.

Mr Mike Anderson, Esq."

AFTER these “ comments “ above , the thread descends into a kintergarten farce , as the infants try to outdo themselves with childishness ! Could it be the “ Mods “ have to sleep and these “ mushrooms “ know their habits and thus choose to play whilst the " Mods " take a break ?

Those that put their hands up , I congratulate ! The others ? What can you say ?

Another of those with Character :

Sunday 22/09/12

Seems i should add to the list with the breaking news that David Millar has added momentum to the " Sack Phat campaign ! Seems he is at the World Road Races as a commentator for BBC TV . Saturday he had a few pertinent questions for " phat " . You can see below , his reaction to some questions posed recently .

Articles referring to this press meeting :

Some of you will recall that i suggested a possible replacement for " Phat " early last year :

Nearly two years later Rochelle looks more and more attractive as an alternative :

Of course with David Millar weighing into Phat , last Saturday as a Commentator for BBC TV , and being on the Athletes Comm. at WADA , could he be thinking about promotion within the UCI when they cleanup their house ?

Getting on with his new life , through being treated as a pariah for his contributions to the Anti Doping Debate , Jorg Jaksche , has been mentioned several times on the Clinic Threads . Wonder when his thoughts on the current events will surface ? He had been living in Kitzbuhel area but with doing an University Degree could be elsewhere now , UCI detectives must have him under surveillance ?

Debate is now raging about Mike Ashenden not being aware and thus not commenting on some of the " Doping Procedures " that have become visible in recent years . That he contributed to the " Paul Kimmage Defence Fund would demonstrate where his allegiances lie and his resignation from UCI when they tried to muzzle him nails his colours to the mast ! His recent views can be read here :

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