Sunday, July 8, 2012

Letter to Jacques Rogge , IOC !

As the leader of the “ Sporting World’s No 1 Event “ you will be aware of the Cycling Communities problems and particularly those surrounding the current edition of “ Le Tour “! If the newspaper reports are to be believed there are some competing who have withdrawn from selection for the London Olympic Games . This must be good news to your organisation but it appears that there are a number of issues being raised which will be troublesome to “ Fair Minded People “?

Last month I again raised the question of a “ SPORTING MORATORIUM “ in a number of places but it appears that this is TOO HARD for so many vested interests .

YOU and WADA are capable of “ Outing “ all the “ Skeletons in the Closet “ which have been rattling around for years . Even the fact that the Great Britain team HAD a ban on “ Sporting Fraudsters “ competing has now been overturned .

When is the Olympic Committee going to “ Clean House “?  So many serving the Olympic Committee have been “ slandered “ in a variety of Forums and Media Outlets that one wonders if there is the will for the Olympic Committee to see that Future Generations of youngsters are trained and encouraged by those with “ Clean / Known records “?

Coming from a Sailing Sport background you will be familiar with the competitive instincts of Sports People and no doubt will recall efforts by competitors to gain unfair advantages of the prevailing winds . Amusing incidents will no doubt come to mind ! I am sure that supplements may have been used in some situations but not to the same extent as in Cycling or other Endurance Sports !

By issuing a “ Sports Moratorium “ with an effective date backed by Life time Sanctions imposed for Non Disclosure on both the Competitor and their Support Team , a line can be drawn and ALL Sport can move forward with confidence .

IF you impose a date and the Athlete fails to disclose relevant sanction able errors then ONE MONTH later their Support Team risk “ Life Time Sanctions “ if they do not reveal their knowledge or participation in these events . Can you imagine the Coach , Mechanic , Director Sportive or Team Owner , allowing a Cycle Racer to conceal their Wrongdoings even a generation ago to jeopardise their current employment ? I think not !

Generations of youngsters have been gradually influenced since before the fall of the “ Iron Curtain “ by appeals to their “ patriotism “ by family , friends and sporting advisors . These days “ Celebrity and Lifestyle “ are great influences . Families even , benefit from  the success of their offspring , so the impetus to excel continues and even at a young age , advantage is sought .

In most countries there are now policies in place to detect “ Paedophiles “ since this is perceived as the greatest threat to a child’s safety ! When the “ Moratorium “ is in place “ Sporting Influences “ will be also disclosed . I am not suggesting that a Coach /trainer is as dangerous to the child’s wellbeing , but am suggesting that a parent can discover any questionable background and thus make an informed decision on those they allow to train their offspring !

No doubt these issues have been raised with you by better people than I , but , as the Pontiff can dictate to the Catholic Church and the Dalai Lama to his Brethren , so should You to the SPORTING WORLD !

Great things are expected at the London Olympics but do we want the future Sporting World to be run by “ Hasbeens  , Lawyers and Concealed Impediments “?

SPORTING FRAUD will continue whilst GOOD MEN do nothing !

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