Saturday, August 17, 2013


Got to be Kidding ?

Truck overtaking a Cyclist is reported to have crashed into the bridge , and then overturned on top of the Cyclist ! Cyclist crushed to death and then the  cop tells Media " Wrong place , wrong time " , seemingly excusing the truck driver , since this cop , is not about to hand out Charges , thus allocating responsibility for this Event ! No way could this be called an " Accident " !

Normal drivers would respect the road rules and not overtake another " road user " in a tunnel , nor under a bridge , since generally the road is narrower . But then we are not talking about " Road User ", we are talking about a " species of Mankind " that uses a " Cycling contraption " , and there is a difference here ? I see so many reports about Drivers and their attitudes to Cyclists that make you wonder about their TWISTED LOGIC !

Here are several reports , that come from different countries with similar attitudes :

Each of these reports tell the SAME STORY , the driver could CARE LESS ABOUT CYCLISTS !

Not living in Queensland , i am not entitled to add my Signature to the following petition ! Perhaps YOU know someone in that State that is as yet unaware of this AND has the right to aCT !

An interesting action plan to keep at hand for wHEN you come across an accident :

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