Tuesday, April 12, 2011


John Travolta flies in to events in his personal Boeing 707 , but Peter I am a poor cyclist and whilst I appreciate the invitation , it is beyond my physical ability but within my mental powers to be there in spirit!

Some weeks ago I was reminiscing about Sydney and as one of those hard working Sydney guys i used to mix with was likely to be in his office at that early Sydney hour i phoned on the off chance and so it was that I asked “Double Pay” what his email address was amongst other things during our conversation .

Some emails later the emailed invitation item below appeared :

From: "Peter

To: "\"skippy mc carthy\""
Date: Wed 04/06/11 07:50 PM


Thank you for your EMAIL.

I am still enjoying slaving away in Double Bay and hashing every Tuesday.

Would be great to catch up with you. Come on my Run on 19 April 2011 from Rose Bay RSL.

kind regards

Double Pay "

Backing up a little , I should explain our connection . Hash House-ing is now a World Wide Phenomena that has some connection with running like “Hare & Hounds” but is more likely joined by those that wish to meet and socialise and thus work up a thirst for the beer or three or five of a week day evening . So it was that in 1979 I met a rogue or two on returning to live in Sydney . Chance would have it that I would be invited by a newly acquired Barrister mate in a friend’s office to join them in my running togs at 6pm in a Sydney suburb for a run . Unaware of the ramifications I arrived to find an assortment of characters disrobing by their cars anticipating an evening of hilarity . Throughout the course of this run I would discover a variety of new skills and would continue for a number of years to attend these events in several countries throughout the 1980’s .

Later that evening most participants would adjourn to a Pub to consume copious quantities of the Amber Nectar but with a car and the “Random Breathe Testing “ I was somewhat restrained . Earlier that year in Melbourne I had been stopped randomly by PC Plod and was advised to leave the car at the side of the road as whilst under the limit I might be surprised to meet trouble from other “under the weather” drivers . Walking back to the current woman’s flat was thus the better option , although she might not have approved of the interruption to her beauty sleep .

As mentioned before Hashing is world wide so I had occasion to run with and visit amongst other places Hong Kong , Philippines , Taiwan , USA and UK Hashing groups . Most of these are essentially ex pat workers but there are always locals who contribute local knowledge in the search for a cheap and hospitable eating place for the “ON ON” . Each year there is a gathering of groups from various parts of the world titled “Inter Hash” where the sole purpose is to run , drink and Socialise .

Hashing supposedly was started by the British Armed Forces whilst based in Malaysia after the Second World War . Monday these people would go for a run to sweat out the alcohol in the system and afterwards adjourn to eat at a “El Cheapo( HASH HOUSE ) ! These days it is either male or female hashing groups but certainly the ON ON is mixed company .

Hashing like Cycling is a life changing experience and carries far too many memories to relate at one sitting . No doubt there will be comments from Peter and those he shares this epistle with relating to events shared during those years . Faces I recall but names will have faded so I will rely on his assistance to retrace history so as to relate some memorable events .

Those of the Hashing community may recall “Mr Smelly” but that is a story for another time .

People show a lack of interest in registering as a “follower” or my tweets on @Skippydetour so I will leave you to bookmark if you have the interest in the outcomes of this post . Feel free to comment if you wish to know more about the “Hashing Community” .

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