Saturday, July 30, 2011



HELP NEEDED ! OAP that I am doesn’t mean I am helpless , yet each alternative I have tried to post direct to Blogger in the past week on my laptop has failed .

Read another’s blog this week where the author paid £80 to have a bike serviced , well that was a lesson that I learned years ago , fix all the problems as they occur otherwise they will bite your arse ! Rarely in All the Tours that I have ridden did I put the bike away without solving ALL the “ niggles ” , so that I could get up and ride the Etappe of the day with at least one less problem . Having said that I loaded the washing machine this morning and turned it on and after 2hrs arrived back to find nothing had happened . Tried a variety of solutions before seeking help but had overlooked the fact that the last user had turned off the water , why do that I wonder ?

Posting through “ Posterous “ means I am repeating the blog post in several of the blogs , so if you read the same item twice , I hope you find something there that encourages you to get your friends , family and followers to read my blogs ! With “ Posterous “ I am able to post photos but am unable to “ Preview “ so I am unsure of the result until I see the finished product and then I am unable to edit , if I find something I wish to change .

Now also using “Microsoft Works Word Processor “ to prepare the text , thus I hope I spot all the errors before you do ! Also where I have been in the habit of providing the Op. to click on a link for a story I have mentioned , I now am unable to do that so will have to leave my readers to make their own way to those stories .

Wondering if I have to start up using “ Wordpress “ as a blogging vehicle , which at least will provide

me with an OP. to learn additional skills !


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