Monday, May 28, 2012

Blogger now a Joke

What a Feckup that blogger has become ! When I started using this series , all I had to do was callup the Home page , click on the “ open a new tab “ for each of the blogs to get the statistics , revise the content of a post or create a new post !

NOW I have to open a separate window for each blog to do any tidying that is needed , or to even add “ photos “ to the blog content added elsewhere .

Blogger “ boasts “ each time you open the dashboard , that they have created an even better situation for the user !

Now I am not only using 3 times more MB to do posts , I am even having trouble to get to the relevant blog to do posts . Now I have to go through the dashboard , and their empty promises , to “ new Post “ , enter the words and then publish . After I go back to try to post the photos where I want them . BUT the current system will not allow me to do so .

How come I had several years of trouble free access and now GOOGLE has reinvented the wheel , and I am not only inconvenienced but frustrated ? Do I look at the Ads ? NO WAY JOSE ! The bastards think they are improving the service BUT I am now worse off and looking at GOING ELSEWHERE !

Must be easier to work with another system than being treated like a meal ticket by a corporation that is only looking at their bottom line ! As regards their “ Ad sense ( you know the ads you click on ) , FORGET IT ! Not one cent from day one !
THIS POST took so long i thought about giving up and going to read a book !

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