Sunday, May 26, 2013


As i write my blogs i have the TV going in the background . each week there are several programs that occur at the same time , makes life easy , since these are from the Major news Networks .

Al Jazeera , friday night , offers " The David frost interview ". CNN on Sunday features several items , as does CNBC . Saturday & Sunday night , there are two " Jimmy Fallon Shows " from 2100hrs .

Right now i am hearing the " facebook Obsession " on CNBC , with commercials intervening . Of course these network will haves need revenue to operate , but repeating the " Thomson reuters Ad. " three times consecutively , with the " LvMH share graph " alternating 5 times with " Burberry group share graph " in each Ad is considered entertaining ? BIG FAIL !

After this show , we will have " Jimmy Fallon " , now this guy's humour must be entertaining to some , since he is slated to take over from Jay Leno , whose humour i am able to understand ? i think ?

Weekends can be hugely entertaining , in that nearly all the Networks run a ticker tape feed , the attention to these at weekends is minimal . They tell you something , then forget to change the " Ticker Feed ", net result is that you are left thinking it is " April Fools Day ".

Another annoying habit is the " Self Publicity " that occurs on CNN , each half hour or more often if there is no World Crisis . One Ad will be a " Straight Product Ad. " then there will be blurbs for upcoming shows , maybe one will be the one you are in the middle of at that time , or already just finished for the day . Each evening of the week CNN has starting at 1800hrs GMT ,  " Richard Quest ", Chistiana Amanpour , Isha Sesay and Beckie Anderson finishing at 2000hrsGMT . Even during this period , CNN shovels out the reminders !

Even BBC World News , has jumped on the bandwaggon with their own self obsessions . France TV ( in English ) seems to be the least boring in this behaviour .

Yeah , i know , turn the TV off , listen to music !

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