Sunday, August 8, 2010


With friends from many nations over the past 12 years of riding the routes of the "Pro tours" as "SKIPPY " so now blogging as "SKIPPYAUS" ! As well as this i have been Volunteering at various events such as Summer & Winter Olympic & Paralympic Games so i am taking the easy route to the "Google and other search engines" so that people can find SKIPPYAUS & SKIPPYBLOGGING !
You may have read some of the blog postings elsewhere and i won't apologise for this as not all will have had the opportunity this past half year.

This past TDF proved that finding access to Internet is difficult even when you are staying with people who are online, there can be limited success in getting a posting up also, and as you have seen with "Skippi-cyclist & TourDaFarce" there has been a lack of the photos interspersed with the postings on "Parrabuddy" ! Yesterday i tried to post a photo to "parrabuddy's latest item w/out success !

With this Blog i will drop in previous SKIPPY news postings and in some cases will edit or mix previous editions so as to help those from various countries use the "Translate" available in Google.

Those "Followers " that i already have on "Parrabuddy" may need to transfer themselves to the SKIPPYAUS & SKIPPYBLOGGING list since i am no expert at "Blogger " and the gadgets available

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