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2012 Paralympics, Olympics 2012 London,MR PRESIDENT


As a sportsman you would have grown up enjoying news( from a variety of sources) of new "records" being set in the Sporting World. No matter which sport you follow there would be headlines to captivate the audience.

Later you would hear of "transgressions" and sanctions imposed, perhaps you would have been like the rest of us to see someone that you thought worthy of praise brought down by "misdeeds by them or their associates"?

Of course we have "Agencies" to control Sport and the "misdeeds committed" but ask yourself what is happening. Year by year the problem grows the more money committed to the "fight" against "Sporting Fraud" the more people and more sports become "known" to the public.Recently we have certain Swim Suits banned and Horses are testing "positive" to prohibited substances" !

2012 we will have the Olympic and Paralympic Games in London and we will be told that there will be stronger controls in the fight against "Doping", who knows , perhaps there will be a step forward before once again new discoveries will intrude into the Sports World.

There are genuine Athletes(dismayed at what they see around them) out there but there are also Drug Companies whose products will be "bent" into a new usuage which will assist the "Rotten Apples in the barrel" and so some of those on the margind will also be tempted to try their "luck", because that is what is happening now and more and more athletes who are getting their 2 years are saying they were unlucky to get caught !

Look at Road Cycling at present, Basso, Vinkourov and Ricco amongst others returning from their "2 year holidays( because that is what it is !)"are winning almost immediately against Athletes who continued to work for their teams in that period. Most of these disgraced athletes did not suffer greatly because they were "celebrities" and so would have received benefit from employment during their "rest period",even publicity as they continued training and claiming "Errors in the System" that brought them to the attention of the Authorities.

We could continue all day with a variety of sports but i would remind you of an Australian Athlete who was sent home for drinking too much coffee. The Caffeine level was since relaxed and is now once again under consideration. There are many athletes who use "WADA" approved medications and some may benefit from the marginal side effects but nobody chooses to suffer Cancer or other life threatening ailments.

MR PRESIDENT only YOU can put a stop to the "Merry go Round" you have the ability to toughen Federal Laws and Impose Sanctions that will cause the World Leaders to follow your example.

We all know about Marion Jones and some other athletes that have suffered the same fate or are in the system that can impose the same fate if they behave as she chose.

BY IMPOSING A MORITORIUM ON ATHLETES WHO HAVE CHEATED AND ADMIT THEIR GUILT BY 31 December 2010 you will clear a lot of "deadwood" from the "Playing Field"! Not only Current Athletes but Former Athletes should be given this opportunity. When the time has elapsed any people that did not own up will be subjected to HARSHER PENALTIES including Severe Jail Time and lifelong bans from engaging in any sport related employment or visiting any sporting venues.

Too many former cyclists are currently working in the industry in a variety of capacities and many have "Owned Up" to "Sporting Fraud" , the new generation rely on their experience and benefit from the Good but there will always be a taint and the possibility that "weakminded" will try to take the easy road for short term gains. So it is with all sports and only when YOUR moritorium has discovered the depth of deception that is out there will those now in or entering higher levels in their chosen sport be aware of the risks they run in associating with these people.

When your Moritorium "Weeds out" those weakminded individuals, some athletes will choose to continue working with them and others will seek new coaching but there will still be a need for even more stringent Doping Controls and it will be necessary to impose harsher penalties on the "Inspectors and the Laboratories " to avoid the likes of the 2004 Athens samples mixups which allowed a Gold Medal to stand even though through a technicality !

Mr President when you were elected you promised more than you have acheived so far and the public expects that you will reach more of those promises in the next years. Sporting Fraud affects the fabric of society in so many ways and once the younger generations see that they havev a level playing field they will stop trying to cut corners in other fields of endeavour. Eradicating a "Mind Set" will not be easy but Harsher Penalties and the ability to test previously "Negative Samples" in the future with the new techniques becoming available will "OUT" most of those who have a conscience. Many of those people only indulged because they "KNEW( or thought)" their colleagues on the team and their competitors were doing so .

Presently in so many sports the conception is that the "ATHLETE with the best Pharmacist and the deepest pockets" will win so it may also be necessary to prosecute the "Drug suppliers" once the Moritorium has taken effect since if the head of a company knows he is at risk what will happen to the "Researcher who strays outside company guidelines" ?

MR PRESIDENT i like so many others do not have the answers but wish to see the London 2012 OLYMPIC and PARALYMPIC conducted in a fair and sporting manner. Jacques Rogge heads an organisation that wishes for a level playing field but are the victims of those who seek to take whatever short cut that can be acheived .

Worldwide action can only be acheived through your government setting a higher standard and that will come about when those currently in Sport realise they have more to lose than they gain by not "OWNING UP TO THEIR MISDEEDS" !

IN sending this item to the white House it was necessary to send in 3 sections due to their 2500 character limitations !

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