Monday, December 6, 2010


Last week i settled into new accomodation in the Zillertal and set up the rowing machine and Tacx trainer to get the level of fitness that i will need for Ski Touring. For those not sure of this it is strapping "Skins to the under side of the skis and sliding them up the gradient which requires a lot of energy and produces tons of sweat. Starting out generally slowly but as time passes the energy level grows.

At 80kg i am in good shape compared to previous years when with beer in the diet i find myself with a spare tyre weighing in at 89+kg ! Imagine my chagrin last week to read Fatty's blog offering prizes to those overweight and looking for motivation to drop more than 10lbs ! Even at the TDF i cannot drop below 77kg without getting lightheaded and the shakes. Of course i could have had a couple of days over indulging myself to inflate the body and then genuinely signed on but not really realistic is it ?

!998 i did the 24hr Imst Ski Race and have been planning each year to repeat the experience but so far unable to find anything other than Villars in feb 2011. Anyone able to offer an alternative ? I will be fit enough but finding the support team to handle the ski waxing and money collection will be the hardest job.

Commenting on current events brings out the "Anti Cyclist Brigade", even where Lives are lost there is some miscreant turning a tradegy into a rant on "Mary Jane" for example, could be they are out of work as i am but then at 65yo i guess i am classed as retired rather than unemployable.

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