Friday, June 17, 2011

Competition Details

As i said , lousy connection before , was at the DFDS , dunkirk terminal and it was like a third world country , no intention of repeating the experience !

lBelow was what was intended :

"Limited Opportunity to advise that i have a bunch of Goodies to give away.

Sign on as follower on  & @skippydetour to compete for "Continental  4000S clincher 700 tyres and inner tubes  . Details of rules follow during next days !

Be in it to win and help Paralympic Athletes prepare for 2012 ."


As i am in a library i am still unable to go direct to Blogger so beer with the situation please !

 Rule one : you are helping others by involving yourself in this competition .

 Rule two : you will receive a smaller prize than the Para Athlete you choose to help .

 Rule three : 2012 Paralympic is only months away so time is of the essence and join today whilst it is fresh in youyr mind thereby gaining a benefit for ther Para Athlete you select !


On RHS panel of Parrabuddy there is a "follow me on Twitter ": please add yourself .

Go to your National Paralympic site and choose an Athlete that will likely use Cycling Gear and then report their contact details in the comments section .   

At present there are about 10 followers and when we reach 35 the Athlete will receive a Continental 4000S Clincher by "snail; post"  you will receive an inner tube !

There will be a prize for those helping build the "followers" so if you ask 10 friends to sign  up then you can expect at the conclusion of the Tour de France an item of interest .

Not all of you will be able to go to the Tour de France BUT some of you already have photios of me from previous events or on your recordings of events you will be able to create a link or forward said item and there will be a benefit for the best of them .

ADDITIONALLY i am taking 4 wheels to the Tour de France and some tyres have been in use since the 2010 Tourv de France  and another will bne from the Vuelta , the final item is a Continental 4000s that i will put on especially .Tyres will be numbered and thus you can bid for the tour stage where thery will be replaced . Surplus inner tubes or caps will be the prizes .

Continental tyres on my bike have been so hard wearing and resistant to puncture that guessing when they will expire will keep some up late at night . Ha Ha not really a joke when you get over 5000km out of a clincher .

So many nationalities have read my blog that we with your help will have an interesting assortment of Para Athletes to follow as they prepare for their visit to the London 2012 Partalympics !




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