Monday, June 27, 2011


UNBELIEVABLE that people choose not to help others !

To date there appears to be little interest in helping me to give a "Conti 4000s clincher " to a "Para Athlete "! I realise that you can go out and buy an inner tube for peanuts but in sending out these items "snailpost" will still want me to dig into my pocket for the coin of the realm .

Repeating the requirements seems pointless , nevertheless :

You are helping another by posting in the comments box on the "para athlete of your choice and their contact details . Once the total reached 35 followers there was a Tyre for them and an inner tube for you . Had the total gone to 60 followers then there would have been an additional tyre available and the proposer would have received an inner tube .

Simple really but i guess if you are reading this whilst the boss is out of the office finding the National Paralympic website of your country might take a little effort .

Had the project been successful i had hoped there would have been many new identities that people could follow as they prepared to compete in the LONDON 2012 PARALYMPIC . Many of these may already have served their country in "Harm's Way" and are now embarking on service once again !

Help4Heroes & Wounded Warrior Project are two of those charities that deserve your support and following some of their participants exploits would have been inspirational as well as worthwhile !

Could be my last post before i arrive in the Vendee for the TDF so will enjoy the thrill of finding that there are some out there that think of others !




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  1. Hi Skippy, I remember you talking about this on the Sunday ride but I wasn't clear on how it worked. I am now so will take a look tomorrow. cheers - Mike (Zappi's)