Sunday, October 9, 2011


As time passes I am getting more proficient with posting the photos that I have been able to make in recent months . Regardless of what I do the Broadband limits my access to Blogger and so I post mostly without photos sometimes through Posterous that hits all my social media access points and several of the blogs . I go back later and insert photos where possible . At first it seems that there were problems with the MB size of the photos but in recent posts I have noticed that only KB size photos are being posted . How that came about is a mystery to me since I don’t recall adjusting anything on the camera or computer .

Recent weeks I have noticed that collecting the “ Blogger Statistics “ for the 6 blogs has gone from about 1 ½ MB to in excess of 5MB each day . Even opening a blog to make a post has become a major drain of MB’s , trying to limit daily use to 30mb so as to meet the Gigabyte limit has become problematic . Has anyone else noticed this phenomena and is there a reason ?

NetWorx is a program I use to identify Broadband usage since the first months because my broadband supplier, BOB , an offshoot of the main Austrian Broadband provider , A 1 , in the first month charged me for in excess of 6 Gigabytes , when I had used less than One GB for that period . Regardless of the written record I kept they insisted they were right and refused to reimburse the excess charges ! The monies are taken direct from my bank account without referral to me so there was no chance to query any excesses before deduction of their charges . Corporations continue to treat the individual as beneath their dignity to answer or satisfy !

OccupyWallStreet will get a few to sit up and listen and Barack Obama is now answering some of the queries directed towards his administration . Each country has it’s share of Conniving and thieving Corporations and here in Austria there are facilities for dealing with the Banking System although it is orientated to protecting their constituent Banks rather than solving the issues of “ disgruntled clients” such as myself .

Should I not hear back from the Banking Commission by this weekend I will have the pleasure of informing all how they can react to the complacency of the “ Banking Fatcats ” that behave as though they are doing the individual a favour when they take your money at the counter . Here in Austria there are initiatives to assist those who are generally too poor to have a bank account , good to see when you consider that there are more “ Squirreled monies ” in Austria than in Switzerland according to a recent report on the FM4 , a part of the ORF , the National Broadcaster .

When the sum of the Blogs passed 55k , I had a look at where the views were coming from and saw that most continents were represented . So as not to bore I will list the major sum totals :

USA …34.2 k , UK…4.4 k , Aus…2.8 k , Can…1.9 k , Rus…1.1k , Ger…1.0 k , Fra…0.6 k , Swe…0.5 , Ned…0.4 k , Ukr…0.3 k ,

Thanks to all for taking the time to visit , please encourage your friend to visit , but I wish people would take the time to add their comments since this is a major benefit of blogging that I feel I am missing and feedback can be worthwhile to ALL !

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