Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Nationwide costs more than my food !

Tour de France costs me very little for food each July but Nationwide Building Society bank fees during July 2011 were landed in my August 2011 bank statement and ate 65pounds of my money ! So i started with a debit in August 2011 and again in September 2011 !During the whole of the TDF i cooked for myself and thus had a very simple and cheap menu . Of course i have not seen September`s charges and no doubt that there will be additional added for October`s Debit start !

Guess why i support " OccupyWallStreet " !

Of course there is the " Banking Ombudsman " which Nationwide refers you to constantly if you complain , but that takes time meanwhile you finish up with lousy service and acrimonious relations with a service that dates back to the 1980`s ! How can you feel happy about dealing with "greedy bankers" in 2011 when you were a shareholder of the same institution you held in high regard in the 1980`s ?

Having said this i am holding back on publishing the statements because i HOPE that there are people working for thios institution who will realise that in not updating my address as requested in June when i visited the Crofts branch i have not seen the July, August and September Statements until they were scanned to me from the UK last night !

Banking is now becoming a hazardous matter , keeping money under the mattress is becoming a cheaper and safer alternative ! When Nationwide personnel read this Blog Post they can refund the charges and i will not have to find a way to send money to the account from Austria OR they can do an " Ostrich" and cause me further difficulties which will mean that i will no longer be able to bank with them and thus not be able to continue with any of the charity work which i have been involved with this past 15 seasons !

Never thought i would reach the point where in putting 300 pounds in my account would enrich the bank rather than meet the bills i created .

I guess it is their choice ?

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