Sunday, December 15, 2013

Nothing to see here !

On 15th Dec i had things to write , but got side tracked with a Letter to the Austrian President , sent via the advertised Email and also posted to Facebook ! You will not be surprised to hear that NO REPLY as yet ? I am not able to receive Austrian TV , so even IF my ability to understand Austrian German was good enough , i doubt the request was included ?

This is what i posted to Facebook :

  "  Your Excellency .

As you prepare Notes for your Annual Address to the Citizens of Austria , i would ask you to consider including an Appeal to those using the Roads . Very few motorists realise that Cyclists were there first , in Cambridge , England a Cycle Shop will close shortly after being in Business for 137 years . Austria may have had cars on the road for about 120 years ? Daily Motor Vehicles treat Cycclists as intruders in THEIR Space .

No doubt you will know of the work of many Cycling Safety Organisations ? Australian State of Queensland will on 1st Jan. 2014 adopt for 2 years a Safe Passing Law of 1m for under 60kph and 1 1/2M for in excess , this i understand is already LAW in Austria .As a Cyclist , i find there are TOO MANY occasions where a vehicle defies that requirement , fortunately i have only suffered superficial injury and broken equipment on occasions such as today .

What i find so contradictory , is that the " Emergency Services "  , Polizei , Red Cross And Rescue Services, RARELY use their signals WHEN not in Emergency travel . Not only do they not , but those vehicles following them  will stray TOO CLOSE , since on too many occasions they are " Tail Gating ", another contravention of Austrian Regulations ? With the New Austrian Government only now being formalised , i feel sure that you are in a position to advise them on some of the " Initiatives " they need to address for the benefit of ALL Citizens ?

As part of your Address , i should like to ask of you , that you highlight the NEED for considering other Road Users . Reminding People that a lighter foot , will save Fuel , arrive at Speed Limits and Traffic Lights without the need of excessive Braking , being able to anticipate passing opportunities in respect of slower moving vehicles . Reminding people that a tonne of Metal can end lives , when distracted /inattentive due to having Cell phones , Laptops or the like , searching for cigarettes , sandwiches , drinks , maps ?  Is it really necessary to be aware of Social media , whilst in control of a vehicle ? I personally would wish that NOONE was allowed to receive Twitter , Facebook , LinkedIN , etc , whilst in a vehicle .

My interest in Cycling comes of using it , as a way to " Advocate for Behinderten Sport " , i have no wish to join their community . When you visit Kitzbuehl in January , you will see many International Skiers , most of whom ride the Roads using Bikes for Cross Training . Perhaps you could influence them to join in helping make the roads SAFER by adding to this Petition :  

Repeats of letters such as this were sent to the following :

Governor General of Australia

David Cameron

Prince Albert of Monaco

Prince Willem Alexander of Holland

Helle ... Prime Minister of Denmark

Axel Lund Svindal

Alberto Tomba

Variety of other Sports Stars

You would be correct in assuming that there has been NO Replies , although the item still appears on the majority of Facebook Walls .

At this point , New Year's Eve , there are 26 others that think that CYCLE SAFETY is worthwhile !

LinkedIN tell me that my 955+ contacts give me a 10Million audience ! WHAT A JOKE ! All asleep or out to lunch ? Facebook can only be treated as the Advertising FARCE it has become , a New Years resolution , should be to IGNORE it as a source of contact ! Don't worry those of you , whose Email i have . If i have been a guest in your home then i will want to stay in touch , as for the rest , well i can save hours on the computer .

These Facebook people , cannot save Cyclists lives but do wish to WASTE TIME on trivialities :

Farm heroes saga

Coaster Ville

Diamond Dash

Pudding Pop

Papa Pear Saga

Bubble Witch Saga

Candy Crush Saga

Pepper Panic Saga

Jelly Splash

Facebook doesn't allow copying the " notifications " , so unable to lift the entries here , however , to those making the invitations :

" If you HAD signed the " Petition " then i OWE you , as for the REST , DID YOU READ any of my "what's on your Mind " entries ? Doubtful ? My message for 2014 :


With facebook i have had to abandon one of my email addresses to avoid clutering my inbox with these inanities ! No doubt some of them , would be better served by finding the " Unfriend button " ! Please DO IT NOW !

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