Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Letter to Dr Heinz Fischer , President of Austria

Your Excellency .

As you prepare Notes for your Annual Address to the Citizens of Austria , i would ask you to consider including an Appeal to those using the Roads . Very few motorists realise that Cyclists were there first , in Cambridge , England a Cycle Shop will close shortly , after being in Business for 137 years . Austria may have had cars on the road for about 120 years ?   Daily , Motor Vehicles treat Cyclists as intruders in THEIR Space .

No doubt you will know of the work of many Cycling Safety Organisations ? Australian State of Queensland will on 1st Jan. 2014 adopt for 2 years , a Safe Passing Law of 1m for under 60kph and 1 1/2M for in excess , this i understand is already LAW in Austria . This New Queensland State Law was brought about by the actions of Cyclists using Social Media , and i added input , citing the Austrian experiences .  As a Cyclist , i find there are TOO MANY occasions where a vehicle defies the Austrian requirement of Safe Passing distance , fortunately i have only suffered superficial injury and broken equipment on occasions such as took place today .

What i find so contradictory , is that the " Emergency Services "  , Polizei , Red Cross And Rescue Services, RARELY use their signals WHEN not in Emergency travel . Not only do they not , but those vehicles following them on the roads , will stray TOO CLOSE , since on too many occasions they are " Tail Gating ", another contravention of Austrian Regulations ? With the New Austrian Government only now being formalised , i feel sure that you are in a position to advise the relevant Ministers on some of the " Initiatives " they need to address for the benefit of ALL Citizens ? Perhaps requiring that these " Professionals " incur Double Penalties , may concentrate their efforts ?

As part of your Address , i should like to ask of you , that you highlight the NEED for Citizens to be kinder to each other in considering other Road Users . Reminding People that a lighter foot , will also save Fuel , arrive at Speed Limits and Traffic Lights without the need of Braking , being able to anticipate passing opportunities in respect of slower moving vehicles , amongst the benefits . Reminding people that a tonne of Metal can end lives , when distracted /inattentive due to using Cell phones , Laptops or the like , searching for cigarettes , sandwiches , drinks , maps ?  Is it really necessary to be aware of Social media messages , whilst in control of a vehicle ? I personally would wish that NOONE was allowed to receive Twitter , Facebook , LinkedIN , etc , whilst in control of a vehicle .

My interest in Safer Cycling comes of using it as a way to " Advocate for Behinderten Sport " , i have no wish to become/join their community . I know of your Interest , since i met you at Torino Paralympic 2006 in Sestriere . When you visit Kitzbuehl in January , you will see many International Skiers racing , most of whom ride the Roads , using their Bikes for Cross Training . Perhaps you could influence them to join in helping make the roads SAFER by adding to this Petition :

Many countries have " Cycling Safety Organisations " :

Australia : Amy Gillett Foundation ( Created after a Race Cyclist of that name killed Training in Germany , a                                                                                        matter known to Horst Kohler ? )
                 SafeCyclingOz  ( Created the Petition in Queensland )

England   : Cities Fit For Cycling 


USA         :

                   Look : Save a LIFE

There are so Many other countries also , ALL with their own stories ! Austria no doubt has many Cycle Safety Org.s of it's own?

Today was the " Friday the 13th scenario " that would make your hair curl , i will detail some of that as an addendum to this letter .

With Best Wishes for the Festive season , 


Skippy Mc Carthy 

Addendum :


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