Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Politicians are PROVEN LIARS as is all too often demonstrated by their utterances before Election , then failure to deliver after passing the line !  Problem is that people have no choice , but to vote for the person that they think is the " Least Obvious LIAR "!  Of course the voter could decide , as regretably so many do these days , and not vote and thus suffer the consequences brought on them .

Politicians have a self interest , survival ! Generally they will back any horse in a race , that will keep them in the running for another term of office .  There are some that have " Ethics " , but they are a rare breed !

Cycling has been praised  of late by " savvy shysters aka " politicians " . With people seeking to lead a healthy lifestyle , Cycling has come to the fore and is in some quarters regarded as the " New Golf "! It appears that many are rushing out to buy the Latest , most expensive Bikes , so as to impress their Friends & Colleagues . Bit of a pity that their Bikes stand outside the Coffee Shop or in the storage for longer periods than their purpose , usuage ?

With more cyclists on the roads , BIG OIL is getting concerned , their products already under threat from the " Environment Lobby " because of pollution , are busy encouraging drivers to treat Cyclists as " That bl##dy nuisance holding back the traffic "!  Regardless of the increasing numbers of Vehicles clogging the roads , thus traffic speeds declining to 14mph ( London average ) , Cyclists that generally pass stationary traffic , at upto 20+MPH are being targetted as the cause . That these Cyclists are generally the holder of Driver permit/licences , is totally irrelevant to the stationary & frustrated motorist !

Could it be that the Ire of the motorist , that they direct at Cyclists , is due to the feeling of despondency brought on by the knowledge that they are TOO LAZY to join those that have chosen to ride rather than sit?

Freedom of movement is available to ALL , provided that they can muster the Courage & Determination to join those already enjoying life and fresh air !  Getting out of bed in the morning has risks , it even requires making decisions . Walk to work and you will have to cross a road , perhaps ride in the bus or on the tube , even the Railways & Air Travel , pose a risk . Getting in the car poses risks with other motorists having had a bad experience  , either in the house or along the route , making contact with your paintwork . Various other factors will have influenced your attitude as you motor along , whether you live alone or in company , there are influences to your mood at the wheel . However in the vehicle , most people feel anonymoous , thus able to vent their frustrations on others around them .

Cycling is also influenced by the family environment , but as you exert energy to propel yourself along the road , rarely do you hold onto what has passed , since you will be so busy concentrating on the task at hand.  Increasingly experienced Cyclists are having to cope with hazards that did not previously exist , the careless motorist . In the past , motorists thought of driving a vehicle as a full time task , requiring 100% attention ! Not any more , it appears that " Multi Tasking " is the new Buzz Word for motorists !

 Not content with seeing the neighbouring stalled vehicle drivers filling their time with activity , most drivers are now copying their example . As Cyclists pass they are not surprised to see drivers Text , Phoning , reading the paper or a book , even applying make up . ALL these activities continue as the vehicle moves forward , until , Oops , another fender bender !  Of course these activities are prohibited by the Road codes in ALL Countries , but, are the authorities Policing this ? NO WAY , they would be run off their feet writing up the Fixed Penalty Notices ( FPN ) , of course they would also be solving the Budget shortfalls that the Poli.s are complaining are too large .

Whilst Policing Authorities are so busy ignoring the obvious , Cyclists are increasingly being hit in the rear , occasionally the errant motorist stops and takes responsibility . SMIDSY ! " Sorry mate , i didn't see YOU"! Guess !  They didn't LOOK !  Too busy " multi tasking " to pay attention to the road in front , since "Texting" is an absorbing task !  So funny to see a texting pedestrian walk into a lamp post , but no harm usually done since they have their hands in front of them , thus absorbing most of the impact ?   Bit different when the vehicle contacts the rear of a Cyclist !  Whilst Cyclists take a glance over their shoulder , before deviating from the straight line ahead , rarely should they have to look at the following traffic . Even if riding with a rear vision mirror , would a Cyclist be able to spot a hazardous vehicle persuing them , unless it was zig zagging along the road .

World wide Cycling Fatalities are SOARING , yet Politicians are treating those that Cycle as the agent of THEIR OWN DEMISE !  Victim bashing is so CONVENIENT !  They are not there to put their part of the story to the authorities !  With Prisons overflowing with Petty Crime Offenders , why add those that are GUILY OF KILLING PEOPLE to the pressure on facilities ?  Lives lost , cannot be given back ! BUT what about the Families ?  Children without a Parent , their quality of life DESTROYED !  Parents provide security , education and a quality of life that is removed in the blink of an eye by the  INCOMPETENCE  of an inconsiderate motorist .

Judges when sentencing a Motorist guilty of KILLING a Cyclist , tend to think that Society cannot afford to incarcerate , the LIFE IS GONE ! Left behind are children who LOSE ! A Partner who LOSES ! Society ALSO loses , the deceased is generally paying TAX , supporting a Family and contributing to THEIR COMMUNITY . Yet all too often , the matter is settled by a " slap on the wrist FARCICAL Sentence ! It should come as NO SURPRISE , that the Victim's Family walk away totally bereft of emotion ?  They endure the court proceedings hoping for the Judicial system to do it's work , yet they see their relative treated as if they are of NO CONSEQUENCE !

For me the ONLY WAY FORWARD , is for an Umbrella Organisation that draws in ALL COUNTRIES separate " Cycling Safety Org.s " , puts ALL their Needs/Desires into a COMPREHENSIVE SCHEDULE that is published WorldWide and works to implement that " Manifesto " and ADVERTISES it , so that Politicians in EVERY COUNTRY will know that WHEN the request is made , there is substance to back it up !  Each Country has it's Olympic Committee , each Country has it's National Cycling Org. , thus UCI already has the ability to influence the Country's Politicians !

How many Countries fail to send Politicians to an Olympic Event , unlee when making a Political Statement ?

UCI are working on many matters , creating an environment of Trust !  Due to thee stewardship of Mc Quaid  that was lacking before  Cookson was installed .  Whilst i have heard Brian speak on Cyclist safety and a TV Campaign such as Football runs on " RESPECT " is a way forward , LIVES are being lost DAILY !  Even Pro Cyclists such as Amy D. , are becoming the victim of Traffic Violence !


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