Tuesday, August 19, 2014

TWOfer ? No just disappear !

Tuesday is my shopping day so it is a westward ride to Schwaz . Several roads to
choose after Weising but to get there requires a ride up a short incline that finishes with a traffic island . With this being a 70kph zone , the traffic island was installed to control traffic coming over the crest of the climb , since in the westward direction there is a Bus Stop on the right and the ebtrance to the Trading estate on the left . Passing the traffic Island opens up some space , but if you move over then you run into the kerb at the exit of the Bus Space .

Holding your line means being in the centre of the lane . In any language that is the correct position           People Mover at a Halt after trying to leave
 to be in a ONE LANE ROAD !  But there is
 room to sneak through if you are that STUPID ,
 SELF Centred Motorist that thinks " What you get away with is OK !" . Just such a moron , driving the " Decalled Company Vehicle", did just that this morning . In failing to give me necessary room , the Legal requirement of 1M +1Cm/Km Safe Pass doesn't exist in his peanut size brain , he forced me to brake hard as he scraped against my wind jacket and left me facing the kerb stones that project into the roadway . Since his company is located in the next village , he will have passed this way , at excessive speed on a regular basis . Yes i was about 30kph and he was following at 70kph , but since when did he have the right to touch me as he passed?

From this point the road is on a decline and i have the ability to get to a fast pace , so that the 600M to the roundabout , that he was waiting at , was quickly achieved . Knocking on his driver window , got the " Why are you here " look . When asked if he knew he hit my jacket , i got the " So what "!  Told that the Polizei post was around the corner , he agreed to meet there . Silly me , he fled onto the Autobahn entry , where i have no access on a Bike .

On arriving at the Polizei , i am met with " You have been here before "!  Yes because POLIZEI have the same Computer & Radio Service throughout the Tirol !  Details come first , even though the matter was urgent . WHY intercept a " Rogue Motorist " when the Polizei can get around later in the day to looking for the plate number on the Traffic records . YOU the cyclist have had YOUR trip interrupted , but God forbid causing a Motorist inconvenience ?

On leaving the Polizei Post , i turn right down the hill to join the B171 to Schwaz . It crosses the River Inn and the Main Trans Austria Rail Lines . Some distance past there is a gradual turnout for traffic exiting onto the B171 . Before reaching this , i hear the air brakes of a Truck . this is a Profi Driver , he knows where he is going and he respects other vehicles , especially Bikes . On entering the slip road , i am aware that he is also using what amounts to a One Lane roadway . Signalling him to pass , i then see the rear trailor pass wide , so i touch my helmet in  " Salute " , not often you see considerate Truckers . On seeing him flash his hazards then             Profi trucker was driving a similar Unit                signal left turning , i find a " People Mover coming                                                                                         alongside . He also has seen the left flash so decides to pass on the right . BUT , i am in his way , so regardless he moves right causing me to have to go right also . This is not enough for him , so he crosses the RHS white line and i am on the RHS of him , now bouncing along on the gravel & grass .

Just then he decides it is a good idea to put his RHS front wheel flasher on , to warn that he is turning right ?  I on the other hand am trying to stay upright whilst braking . His brakes and road contact are a lot better than mine so that when he comes to a stop , still on the white line , with the Truck & Trailor alongside , i slam into the rear of his vehicle . I land on my feet , thankfully , but the bike finishes on it's LHS in the middle of what is ONLY NOW , the right lane .  When he tries to drive away , i bang on the Rear Window and take hold of his Windscreen wiper , after about 5 metres he decides to wait . When i open the door , he starts to speak German , after all it is an Austrian Plate on the vehicle . When challenged he replies in English , apologies become an offer of paying for the damages . He offers to call the Ambulance , but i am bruised and breathless , not Dying and there are No Broken Bones . So he calls the Polizei who wander along from a Kilometre away as if they have all the time in the world .

Since i have repeatedly reported Bad Driving Experiences at this Polizei post , i recognise both of The Inspectors / Constables . Immediately on exiting the police Vehicle the Female officer goes to the People Mover Driver . There she tells him that they know me , since i am always reporting Bad Driving . As the convo is in German , i am not following their interchange , but they inspect his vehicle for any damage , then remember that i am there . Hey there , i am the " OutLander Cyclist " , that nuisance that causes them to practice their quite acceptable English .

Eventually they get to me and it is like , "why are you once again causing us problems " ? The Woman is right in my face giving me what for , then she is complaining that i am spluttering . Yes when agitated i can be a splutterer , but you would think from the attitude that i was spitting in her face , trying to impress her ? i ask them to take photos of the scene , but this is not done until i refuse to move the bike . I point out the narrowness oof the road , asking them to photo approaching Trucks , with cars alongside . IF a car cannot get past a truck , then how can it squeeze between a Large Truck & Trailor and a Bike ?   Too hard for that to be understood ?

So YES , i am injured , so she decides that the Ambulance has to come . Having already refused the driver's offer , she has not consulted me . However she says i have to see a Doctor and tells me i cannot ride my bike any further today !  I then ask her if the P M Driver is able to drive and i am told " YOU have delayed him from his Business "!  Such a nice lady , i am the victim , i am not dead , so i can't ride my Bike , BUT , her Countryman having failed to KILL me , is allowed to leave after rendering details and documents !

Anyone heard of Ferguson , Missouri ?                         Yellow truck unable to pass car , which is about    There , if you are BLACK/Coloured ,                          where the People mover decided to pass me and 
 they will shoot you and leave you rotting in the street !   the original truck & trailor
 Here in Austria , you ride a Bike , you are interfering
 with the " LAW ABIDING Vehicle Driving CARELESS/Inconsiderate Citizens !  STAY at Home where YOU are safer !  Nearly every Polizei Officer i speak to , tell me they ride their Bikes in the Forest !

When the Ambulance arrives with Lights & Siren , i am interviewed with a less determined attitude . They listen to my explanation of what had taken place , even getting back out of the Vehicle to look at the places that i pointed out to them . When they tell me the Bike does not travel , i refuse to go to the Hospital . Fair enough , same happened in london in May 2014 and on the Tour de France in 2013 . I am then required to sign the " waiver/release form " . Now that i am not going to the Hospital , the Woman Polizei Officer tells me to walk to theit polizei Post . With a smile , she tells me that there is no room in the tation Wagon size vehicle .

They then pass me as i ride to the Polizei post in Strass . There  the Male Officer escorts me to their interview Room . Eventually a member of the " Piste Control section of the Polizei " arrives to ask as an  Interpreter . Eventually my " Statement/Report " is completed so that i am able to go see my Doctor . In arriving out of hours , he kindly sees to the Legal requirements , even though it interferes with his Personal Affairs ! Remarks to me that they recognise that I am an " Advocate for Safer Cycling " mean little when they report that there is few if  little reporting by other Cyclists . Fact is that every Cyclist i speak to , including Serving Polizei Officers , tell me that they consider it a cOMPLETE WASTE of their time !  They know that only if they go into an Ambulance , they will get less than the time of day , i can see their point of view , only too well , with my own experiences .

When Dublin Parliament provided their Gardai with the teeth to lock up those that " Text/Phone whilst driving " , after ONLY their second conviction , the Austrians regard that as a WASTE of Money , since it COSTS to have someone in the Pentitentiary . DEAD Cyclists are in no way able to complain !

On Sunday whilst at the Woergl Polizei Post , i discovered that the Traffic Violence visited upon me at a Roudabout in Woergl , last April , will not be persued , since I was NOT INJURED ENOUGH !

A Vehicle Driver breaks the LAW , causes Injury , BUT , it is NOT ENOUGH to take Money or Points from the drivers licence / feurershein , so as to encourage OTHERS to Comply with Austrian Driving Laws !
 Got it ! Put the Cyclist in a Coffin or Hospital Bed , then we will consider whether to deter Others from causing ANY Cyclist , DEATH or  Injury !

It is NOT the Polizei that decides on traffic Violence , it appears to be some Nameless/Faceless " Cyclist Hating " nonenity in the Tirol Government at  Innsbruck !

When  a long serving Senior Polizei Officer can be out riding a bike , with his daughter on a Sunny Sunday, have a " smartassed Merc Coupe driver " come alongside and tell them  to get off the road , onto the Fussgangerweg , ONLY give that driver the finger , you can see HOW Pathetically lopsided the Tirol/ Austrian justice System has become !

These Blogs are just a few of those that think the Legal system ANYWHERE , is out of balance :

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