Friday, February 24, 2012

CITIES FIT FOR CYCLING : Parliament Debate !

Comment to “ The Times “

Disgusted to see that “ the Times ” reports ONLY 77 members of the Houses of Parliament , attended the “ Cycling Debate ” , which was announced several weeks ago ! If memory serves me correctly , there are about 645 members claiming expenses and other benefits ? Can you imagine how let down the “ Cycling Constituency “ must feel about the MAJORITY of their Parliament representation “ boycotting ” this debate ? Additionally the debate did not allow ALL those attending to speak although there was a consensus !

“ The Thunderer” has over the centuries led the media with their accurate reporting and has been responsible for exercising influence in British Politics to the extent there have been changes in government brought about by their efforts ! What conclusion can be drawn from the LACK of INTEREST by the majority of MPs yesterday ? Road Safety is a “ High Profile ” issue for all road users but particularly the V unerable R oad U sers comprising Cyclists and Pedestrians ! The lack of interest yesterday tells the “ Great British Motorists ” NOTHING is going to change !

YES , Westminster is not interested , so back to normal , continue to “ Bully ” the cyclist , continue to ignore the pedestrian , in fact what were you worrying about , as long as we can keep our snout in the trough it will be business as usual !

“The Times “ has a responsibility to identify those “MPs ” that attended and to name and shame those that voiced support to the media , and failed to attend ! Fact is your readership should advise which MP’s responded to their constituents’ concerns and then failed to attend the debate !

Action NOW !

Notice there was praise for the 8 point campaign BUT there was no commitment to the one point that required the allocation of money ! Doesn’t that not tell a story ?


PS Do they really think that people will pay to sit on Box Hill during the Olympic Road Race when they can sit at home in comfort ? Get real you thieving cowboys ! Promises made by Politicians are worthless ! Legislation promised is worth less than the enforcement of existing legislation which is too often too leniently applied even in events where Lives have been lost through blatant acts that would be described as Manslaughter or Murder if another weapon was used !


Visiting your paper to add comment resulted in frustration !

Visited the following page:

On there is a box that says : “ Follow stories about “ Cities fit for Cycling” , clicked on and arrived at :

Went to “ Most read “ clicked on :

Went there and clicked on :

“ Post your Comments “ and arrived at :

Back to the start so to speak , but then got to a box which announced a demand to pay £ 2 for access to “ The TIMES “ ! cancelled that box and went to :

From there I went to :

Around and around the houses we go , where we are going , nobody knows !

WAKE UP , Smell the roses !


Not selling your On line services !

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