Friday, February 24, 2012

Cities fit for Cycling : Comments to the " TIMES " , difficulties abound !

This may not surprise you ! During the period of the " Cities fit for Cycling " campaign , i have virtually daily tried to find the way to leave " comments " on The Times particularly encouraging people to read my blogs which are a series of articles on " Cycling and Road Safety matters " !

So far i have " pledged Support for the Campaign and even put the " Logo " on each blog , in the prime position ! Further i have commented to other well known Blogs to give the " Logo detail" so that they can copy and Paste to their blogs !

Reading : i see that it is not updated since the 4th Feb !

Some occasions whilst attempting to reach the " Comments " or the intro point to leave a Story , i get a box asking for £ 2 a month , guess what !
the times are seeking to turn this Campaign to their financial benefit !

Another time i saw that only those registered with the Times can access the " Stories " !

Perhaps someone will assist me to get my Point of View across since i am in Austria on a low Broadband access ( 16bits/sec ) and seeing the same story in a round the houses series is totally frustrating !

My blogs can be found by Googling : " Parrabuddy & Skippydetour " as can my and Farcebook " Skippy Mc Carthy "!

Please recommend my blogs to others since i am a supporter of " Adaptive Sport " and wish to see the roads become SAFER for ALL !

In conclusion i would add that  only 77 MPs attending the debate is an OUTRAGE !

Where and WHY were the remaining 500 + that were in good health and no doubt claiming " expenses " for their " Duties " yesterday ?

TO THE “TIMES ” , this is the normal situation i experience !

Visiting your paper to add comment results in frustration !

Visited the following page:

On there is a box that says : “ Follow stories about “ Cities fit for Cycling” , clicked on and arrived at :

Went to “ Most read “ clicked on :

Went there and clicked on :

“ Post your Comments “ and arrived at :

Back to the start so to speak , but then got to a box which announced a demand to pay £ 2 for access to “ The TIMES “ ! cancelled that box and went to :

From there I went to :

Around and around the houses we go , where we are going , nobody knows !

WAKE UP " TIMES " personnel , Smell the roses !


Not selling your On line services on the back of others misfortunes are you ? If you are , then , SHAME ON YOU !

This is one of the “ Box Ads ” !

The Times and The Sunday Times on your terms

Join and enjoy access to:
Latest news, comment and analysis from
The Times and The Sunday Times
The Times and The Sunday Times Tablet
editions and smartphone app
Times+ benefits worth over £100 every month

Cost me a couple of Megabytes to discover this , but I did not get to the story I had clicked on ! Times,

Do they really think I or others , are going to PAY for their opinion ?

Indistinct under the “ Sell Box ” was a newsy page , something other than the item I was seeking ! You think I want to look at something other than the item I clicked on and THEN PAY ?

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