Sunday, December 16, 2012


24 hours has passed since i created this Petition :

Having done this , i Tweeted some of CNN's , supposed " Movers & Shakers " :

With their being involved in the " Newtown Tragedy " , there is the possibility , that they do not read " Tweets "? Maybe they are so busy , trying to find " Stories " and interview " Participants " in the " Incident ", that " Social Media " is irrelevant to their needs ? So far there has been extensive coverage of this " Needless Outrage "! All Major  News Networks are pouring resources into reporting the events surrounding the " Victims " .

Every avenue is being explored , BUT , apart from reporting PAST events caused by " America's Gun Culture " , there is NO EFFORT , to turn America's Collective Memory , into a FORCE to CHANGE the PRESENT , into a SAFER FUTURE !

The CNN Personnel reporting on this latest Gun Outrage , mention " NRA " as a force in the " GUN CONTROL DEBATE ". However they do not point out the CONTROL they exert over those Politicians , that choose to ATTEMPT to create Controls on the OWNERSHIP of GUNS ! With the Huge War Chest of Financial Resources , NRA ( National Rifle Association ) , are able to threaten any Politician , that attempts to make OWNING a Gun more difficult .

President Barack Obama , will tonight visit the Families of the Bereaved and the " First Responders " in Newtown . Had the News Media caused the " Collective Anger of the American Public " to be VISIBLE , President Obama would feel it necessary to make known his PLANS to tackle this " Cancerous Growth " that the GUN LOBBY has created .

As an outsider , i have NO RIGHTS to tell the Citizens of the USA , what path they should take ! I can tell you that as an Australian , I applaud the former Prime Minister of Australia , John Howard , for acting after the Port Arthur Tragedy , in introducing the Legislation that curtailed many parts of the rights to possess a GUN in Australia ! Even in the U.K. , after the Hungerford and Dunblane Tragedies , Legislation was introduced .

WHAT THEN , is the difficulty that CNN has in creating a means for the American Public to EXPRESS NOW , their revulsion of the HORRORS continually foisted on them by those preventing " GUN CONTROL "? Regretably , there have been several " Outrages " such as tthis in recent months , they seem to be happening every few days recently , another example this weekend ?

For those that want to join the ONLY other signature to date , on my attempt to help make a difference , here is the link :

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