Friday, December 7, 2012


With " Jacintha " committing Suicide today , two Sydney Radio Journalists will be wondering whether  they have a job to go to on Monday ! Frankly a " DCM " is the least that they deserve for their " childish prank "!

Did they really think that their audience , thought that the mischief they perpetrated , was " GOOD FUN "?

How much did their audience's reaction on Tuesday , have to do with their behaviour , the following day ? I have seen on the Sky TV Network , footage of their " Apology on Air " , more like justification than an apology , from my perspective ? Who viewing that footage could accept it as an apology ?

That the Duchess of Cambridge was " under the weather " caused her to be hospitalised , was bad enough , but instead of her state of Health being Good News to ALL ! It is now the subject of even more discomfort to that Lady ? Can you imagine how this Fine Lady is feeling ? She must be thinking , that she has contributed to the loss , by the Children and the Husband of their " Dearly Loved Wife and Mother "?

What is going over the Airwaves in Australia , i have yet to follow but it is continually being mentioned on AlJazeera , Russia Today , BBC World News , Sky News and many of the Continental Networks .

My Tweets on this Subject :

2day FM Hoaxers responsible for SUISIDE in London ? Sky News pussyfooting with speculation ! Wonder when " pranksters will get some justice?

 Suiside in London reported on Sky News , connected to Oz Pranksters ? Will you see that there are "just deserts" for these clowns ?

   Pranksters should receive " DCM " ! Less unacceptable to True Aussies ! Royalty deserve respect, not THIS !
  Whole World now aware of Aussie Shameful behaviour! A " DCM " for the Pranksters is NOT ENOUGH ! Too bad for Jacintha

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