Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mr President , YOU'VE BLOWN IT !

Executive Orders are the preserve of Presidents ! I am led to believe , that the US President , can use these  " Executive Orders " to send US Troops , to WAR , for about a Hundred Days , without the permission of Congress ?

Is there not a war on US streets , at present ? CNN News , after showing that News conference you spoke at , creating the " Joe Biden Panel of Experts ", advised the viewers of several pertinent stastistics .That Press Conference , i was led to believe , WAS SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT " GUN CONTROL " , but became more a discussion , about the " fiscal cliff",  showed Alarming statistics about Annual Shootings !

 There are CNN stated , an average of 268 " Shootings " , each day in the USA , more than 97000 in a year ! Is that not a WAR ? In YOUR Neighbourhoods , on YOUR streets , amongst your VOTERS and Families ! Guess what ? Those that are shot , in the most part , are Innocents ! They got up in the morning not knowing how their day would finish . Few of those 268 each day , until Joe Biden reports , will be thanking you , for the unfortunate situation , they will find themselves in , that is , if they LIVE ! At a guess you will be innaugerated on the 21st january , shall we say 35 days time ? If you acted on that day , then about 19400 more shootings will have taken place . The State of the Union speech will follow some days later and by that time School will be back .

Tuesday we were advised that a Neighbouring School to Newtown , went into " Lockdown ", nervous reaction to a report to the Police ? But even before you arrived in Newtown , some " Fool " called in a " Bomb Threat " , disrupting the Church Service and distressing those in the congregation ! How much more mischief will take place whilst the USA , awaits Joe Biden's recommendations ? How many LIVES will be LOST ?

GUNS are flying off the shelves , every type , including Assault Weapons . The only glimmer of sense in the last days , are " Reports "of one enterprise " Dick's Guns " , removing Stock from display , perhaps , that means from Sale , also ? Another encouraging matter , was the report that a " Teachers Investment Fund , has caused a large Gun  Manufacturer's owner / investor to divest themselves of that investment .

Whilst there are certain controls in place , to ensure ONLY those that meet " Legal  Requirements ", can obtain weapons , there has to be occasion for ALARM ! Last year CNN reports , 16,484,000+ background checks were conducted on those involved in a Gun Purchase ! To November this year , the report says , 16,800,000 Background checks  have been conducted ! So with the current " Outrage " fresh in their minds , purchasers are buying at " inflated prices " , any " ASSAULT Weapons " that are still available  for walk away purchase ! Could it be new sales records will be made in December 2012 ?

Senator Feinstein is currently seeking to reintroduce the " Legislation " that was repealed in 2004 , that same legislation Joe Biden , introduced in1994 ! What did Vice President Biden say to you about this Legislation before you arrived on the Podium today ? Could it be , that he , Vice President Biden in your shoes , would have used " EXECUTIVE ORDERS ", to reintroduce that Legislation , effective TODAY ?

When i wrote the blog post , " " on Monday , i tweeted @whitehouse with the link . AS an Australian , i was Proud of OUR Prime Minister , donning a " Bullet Proof Vest " to make his Point with Parliament . Within 16 days of that incident , Parliament enacted Laws , banning many Weapons . Laws that the Australian Public demanded , which the Port Arthur Tragedy made necessary !  Before this " outrage " , there had been others , but the use of those Assault Weapons  at Port Arthur  was the catalyst of this Legislation , that has seen , NO REPEATED " Outrages "  SINCE !

Congress is a " Funny Creature " , we only need to look at the " Fiscal Cliff Problem " , just saw the " Speaker " toss the Gauntlet , to see that the behaviour there , can be irrational !  However , even though YOU do not need to worry about being " Re elected " , YOU have the need to create a Legacy ! Medicare , in my mind is commendable , but sitting by for the next weeks , whilst Gun Stores are emptied of Stock , is not the Legacy that ANY Rational Politician would want ? As a Parent , you have displayed your feelings for the Grief Stricken . Aurora was another occasion that you displayed your compassion , but there also , you promised action ?

Congress , supposedly rises on Friday for the " Holidays " , can be caused , to reintroduce the " Assault Weapon Legislation " effective IMMEDIATELY ! As president , i should have thought , you have the Political Markers required to get the Legislation Re enacted !

With Respect Mr President , NO ACTION is NOT AN OPTION , for those that will become statistics in the next weeks . In your speech today , you spoke of a Mother , a Law Enforcement Officer , Killed since last Friday , of several other L.E.O. killed in service to their communities during the past days . None of these would have been saved had you acted on Friday , BUT , how many of the nearly 20000 , mentioned before CAN BE SAVED , if you Act ?

Christmas , is a stressful period for so many people , with Stress and Alcohol and unresolved  Family problems , this period  is like a tinder box where  unresolved issues flare . Weapons in the home now , that need not be there , even Assault Weapons , unsecured perhaps , will find their way into the hands of the " Conflicted . Any Legislation that removes them , will  ensure a safer future !

  Can YOU make Christmas 2013 , safer by ACTION NOW ?

NB Just found this Petition created by 4th Graders at NewTown, CT.USA :

My Petition :

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