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Glad i slept through , as everything i have seen on the TV Networks and read in the various Blogs , confirm my decision ! So far , all i see , is a rehash of what was in the public forum , before i went to sleep last night . Can Lance really believe , that what he has revealed with Oprah , will encourage ANYONE to sympathise with him ? Yes , i know , this was the first of two instalments , but , was there a " teaser " to encourage people to return for the second instalment ?

., you can find out whether (and on what channel) you get Oprah’s network at the handy OWN channel finder:

With Fatcyclist tweeting , that he would do a " Blow by blow report " , last night , i was able to read through both his ongoing relevations and comments , as well as the comments by his cast of regular readers . For me , this was a useful tool , in helping me to understand the News Clips i saw on CNN World Sport , BBC World News and Sky News . Thanks to Fatty , i feel as though , imissed NOTHING !

Sponsors are important , Sport needs them to survive , yet most say that OWN's sponsors , shown during this " Hugely Publicised Event " , were second tier Sponsors ! This alone , says a lot , about what Sponsors think , about what Lance now represents for Sponsors ! With the lack of relevations of Co-conspirators , Lance demonstrated his Contempt for those viewing . Even Non Cycling Sport viewers realise , that the Racers have support staff ! With so many Racers revealing their " misdeeds " at the USADA inquiry , people are aware , that they were supplied with Product . Saying Lance was their Supplier caused ALL to expect , that Lance would reveal those who were Upstream in the Supply Chain . He did not duck into a pharmacy and ask them to pass across the counter , the PEDs used by the team , did he ?

Many people have tweeted their opinions on Lance , most were disappointed with the interview , for a variety of reasons :

"Was it possible to win without doping?" Armstrong: "I didn't invent the culture, but I didn't try to stop the culture."  disgrace

  1. The more I think about Betsy, the more sympathy I feel for her. She's waited almost ten years to hear him say she didn't lie and he refuses.
  2. When he said he was behaving like a jerk during those years, I thought 'Lance, I could have told you that back then.'
The more I think about the interview, the more conscious I become of the evasions and non-answers. His truth will come dropping slowly.

 : Not sure what your emotions are today Walshy but as I haven't seen you for a while your work is a triumph of perseverance.

Tomorrow's hour better be about how he smeared 

 "  The test of Armstrong’s newly-found disgust of his bullying and cheating behaviour will come when or if he is prepared to face journalists with a modicum of reporting integrity. Armstrong needs to reveal the facts of his behaviour and not some confected inner feelings of supposed guilt.
He can start paying journalists like David Walsh a monetary compensation of at least double what he brazenly took from The Sunday Times, together with whatever token apology he care to make.
This is a case where money – Armstrong’s money – will speak more loudly than any Oprah contrived confession."
Lance has shown his ability to Act , in a way that defeated most Journalists . This Oprah Event , seems to follow the same pattern . I for one will not lose sleep tonight , waiting on relevations , that i am more certain , will not be forthcoming .
In " Parrabuddy.blogspot " , yesterday , i addressed a letter to Jacques Rogge , outlining many issues , of which i am sure , he is already aware ! Had Lance chosen to reveal some of his knowledge , relating to these people and their activities , then there might be reason , to believe that his confessions , were relevant ! As of now , there is nothing , other than confirmation , of the speculation that the Cycling circles have entertained since 1999 ! 

Lance , during the Interview , you said this to Oprah , who knew no better :

  "  My ruthless desire to win at all costs served me well on the bike but the level it went to, for whatever reason, is a flaw. That desire, that attitude, that arrogance."

Those like myself , and of course others that follow the events in which you participated , know what Mike Ashenden , has reported in a variety of Articles and venues ! Link to just one , here :


With this report in the Public Domain , it is very easy to contradict , the following statement , you made to Oprah , in relation to YOUR Alleged Doping activities , after your return to competition in 2009  :

"That's the only thing in that whole Usada report that really upset me,"

No doubt , this is an area that you need to address , when under OATH ! 
Racers such as Christophe Bassoon ( DNF the 1999 Le Tour after Harrassment ) , " Simeone ( excluded from the " Giro d'Italia , when Italian National Champ ) and others , have been defrauded of their opportunities . Journalists of the Calibre of David Walsh & Paul Kimmage , have been sued and bullied ! Ladies such as Emma O'Reilly & Betsy Andreu , have had their names dragged through the Mud ! Friends such as Frankie Andreu have been discarded .
ALL FOR WHAT ? To preserve a facade of LIES ! 
LANCE , you have made your Family and Friends even more ASHAMED of you , than they were , before you appeared on Oprah's show !

Even the Women Racers have an opinion on Lance ! With her retirement this week , Nicole Cooke released a Statement , regarding her Career . She was plain speaking about a few matters , including her views about CHEATS ! Here are some of her thoughts :
 This  section is telling :
 "  Jeanson states, like all the others, she is “repentant” and all that is behind her. All these "born again" champions of a clean sport. They could be more accurately described as criminals who stole other's livelihoods who are only ever genuinely sorry about one thing - they are very sorry they were caught."

Even Lance gets a mention :
 "   When Lance “cries” on Oprah later this week and she passes him a tissue, spare a thought for all of those genuine people who walked away with no reward – just shattered dreams. Each one of them is worth a thousand Lances."

Well Lance , you were responsible for many heartbreaks , how do you feel about being " Dumped on ",  now , by a CHAMPION Female Racer ?
UNLESS you appear before the " UCIIC Inquiry ", and reveal , ALL those associated with provision of , and financing of the  PED products , that YOU and the Teams used since 1993 , there is NO POINT in your appearing in Public  EVER AGAIN !
Paul Kimmage tweeted that he has booked you an Airline  seat to that " UCIIC Inquiry " , you can surely , be humble enough to accept the " Tourist Class seat " provided ?
Reveal your knowledge of UCI , Tailwind and Sponsors activities , in relation to Financing , PED Supply and other nefarious activities , and THEN , and ONLY then , can you venture onto the path to Redemption .

USADA have asked you to repeat UNDER OATH , your knowledge of ALL that you have revealed in the Show , as well as MORE !

 Travis Tygart is quoted here :    "If he's sincere in his desire to correct past mistakes, he will testify under oath about the full extent of his doping activities,"  ALSO  "Lance Armstrong finally acknowledged that his cycling career was built on a powerful combination of doping and deceit," ALSO "His admission that he doped throughout his career is a small step in the right direction."

John Fahey of WADA , has this to say :  "He was wrong, he cheated and there was no excuse for what he did," said the Wada chief. "If he was looking for redemption, he didn't succeed in getting that."
ALSO   "My feeling after watching the interview is that he indicated that he probably would not have got caught if he hadn't returned to the sport," he added.
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He cheated and there was no excuse for what he did. If he was looking for redemption, he didn't succeed in getting that
John FaheyPresident, World Anti-Doping Agency
"He didn't name names, he didn't say who supplied him, what officials were involved."
Pat Mc Quaid , in my opinion , breathing a sigh of relief said :  "Armstrong has confirmed there was no collusion or conspiracy between the UCI and Lance Armstrong. There were no positive tests which were covered up and he has confirmed that the donations made to the UCI were to assist in the fight against doping.
"Finally, we note that Lance Armstrong expressed a wish to participate in a truth and reconciliation process, which we would welcome."
LiveSTRONG , had this to say :  
"We at the Livestrong Foundation are disappointed by the news that Lance Armstrong misled people during and after his cycling career, including us," and   "Even in the wake of our disappointment, we also express our gratitude to Lance as a survivor for the drive, devotion and spirit he brought to serving cancer patients and the entire cancer community."

Oprah's Show , instalment 1 , was a bust , lets hope , those that visit instalment 2 , are not wasting their valuable time ! Not the only one thinking this either !

Sounds like all the Europeans who stayed up so late to watch Oprah were treated to a repeat episode from the past

FOOL ME once, shame on YOU , Fool me Twice , SHAME ON ME !

NB Links to Narrative of the Interview :     Interview     USADA request

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