Sunday, May 15, 2011


Bonds, Ramirez, Armstrong, Clemens Just Tip of Sports Drugs Iceberg  was an itemi found whilst Trawling the Internet the link to the article is <a href="">here</a> !

The full lecture material <a href="">link is here </a>.

Points that i took away from the brief appraisal are :

"Olympic surveys taken at the 2000 and 2004 Games show that a majority of athletes would rather get an Olympic Gold medal than be alive in five years, according to Runners World. 

"The $200 to $400 a test are pennies to the billions-of dollars Olympics, major professional sports, and even major college sports.  Cost aside, there is NO practical test yet for HGH, even though the labs are close.  Under Olympic rules, samples can be saved for two Olympiads (8 years)—largely thanks to former U.S. Drug Czar Barry McCaffrey's insistence on retroactivity.  This allows punishment for past cheating if the science improves.  But why not save samples for as long as the substance holds, given how law enforcement now uses DNA from decades ago in solving crimes?

"Drug busts do not mean the Olympics are dirty — they mean the Games are being kept clean. Frank Shorter, the Olympic Marathon Champion who headed up the US Anti-Doping Agency, told me that the big three drugs that athletes need to be tested for are steroids, EPO, and HGH.  The Olympics also say 'or related substances' -- a catch-all that makes busted athletes unhappy who want to say their drug 'wasn't on the list'. 

 "However, because of HGH, TUE's, new designer steroids, masking agents, and especially because of the still remaining culture of protection, we have a lot of work to do, in the Olympics and professional sports, to make sports clean and keep our youth safe."

Then i happened on a CNF thread that relates to lowr levels of competition :

Windless Breeze has disclosed few details of his persona so one wonders what interest he has in raising tis troubling subject .

One thing is clear to me andthat s that once an aspirig athlete reaches a certain level of competition their National Authority should do a comprehenive health benchmark test on them so that there are criteria to refer back to as they pogress in their career . Will this solve the "Doping Problem " i doubt it but it may deter if not delay consideration of drug assisted compeition

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