Monday, May 30, 2011


Nobody likes being ripped off , but it happens! After visiting Bruno , my mate in Cloz on the way home from the Giro Trentino i noticed my Car's temperature was moving up so stopped , and saw the Oil Dipstick was a little low , so stopped at the Repsol Filling station to buy a Litre of Oil !

"Basket "charged me Euro15 for the litre and E10 for the petrol , i got a receipt and said nothing since i would find out from Bruno if he knew this guy . Today Bruno told me the history of this Wanker . Seems the Grandfather immigrated to the USA but at 20yo the son returned to Italy and now his son runs this Repsol Service Station .

Bruno was of course furious as 2 litres of Oil costs Euro 8 at the Supermarket !  I suggested that he tell the guy that on giving The "Italian Disabled Ski Team" a donation of Euro25 i will take down this post . To make sure everything was correct i called in at the Service station and found that the guy has a computer and showed him this Blog . Told him to refresh the page at 1800hrs today to see this report !

OK i am running a little late , BUT here is the thing that counts , he told me that he can charge what he likes AND if I and Bruno don't like this , to BUY ELSEWHERE !  Bruno has no computer but another customer who is an Organic Farmer does , and speaks English as he has clients from All Over the world and so acted as an interpreter . SO the service station operator has no excuses for any "misunderstandings"!

Give the "Italian Disabled Ski Team" Euro25 and i will remove the post BUT refuse and YOUR neighbours and all the world will KNOW how they are being OVERCHARGED for their Engine Oil ! You confirmed to Luis ( organic farmer ) that the Oil Container came from you and that YOU CHARGE 15 euros for a litre of car oil , SO NO EXCUSES !  This report is also going on the "Friends of Italian Disabled Skiers" Facebook site !



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