Sunday, May 15, 2011

Giro Reading

World full of conspiracies whilst i ride the routes of the Giro ! Checkout some of the following for yourself :

Micheal Moore has a whole set of books i have enjoyed reading and this blog item on his latest thoughts has provoked more comments

Cyclocosm has just posted an item to which i have commented .

CyclingNews Forum has a new thread going to which i have contributed a comment .

Intrepid Report has a whole load of news stories some of which i have read

Of course i have been also been reading the blog posts from my Reading lists that you find on "About me" including "Dug" which is full of toilet jokes/humour that i cannot find the blogger trigger to "delete" from the list . Anyone with the knowhow please advise .

Another favourite occupation is participating in the feeding at the various Depart villages enroute on the Giro as demonstrated by the photo :

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