Saturday, May 28, 2011

WHEEL Less in Sestriere

Murphy has been busy today !

Arrived in Pinerolo to ride the last part of the day's etappe to find the front wheel is still outside the appartment in Torino . Asked Ricardo if he had a lock for his new bike as thieves will be about today and advised him to always keep the bike in front of him for safety and I go and leave the front wheel on the street , long gone by now even if someone could have found it two minutes after our departure .

Since Ricardo was with friends i have left them to continue the day and hitched with two rides into Sestriere where i hope to connect with someone able to lend ua wheel of any sort until tomorrow in Milan .

SIDI shoes are so comfortable i hardly know they are there , thanks to my friends at SIDI even if i spend the day afoot i will be OK .

Spotted Jack the Aussie with the black Volvo estate parked up in ther last two km so may go chat with him to pass the time . The climb to Sestriere i did on the Wednesday before the start of the Giro but have also done it many times whilst at the 2006 Olympic & Paralympic to stay fit as Skiing for me is so easy and provides such little exercise .

Amused to bump into that Tour Operator that i found watching TV last saturday , seems they stayed in the luxury hotel here , must have made a killing to be able to pay the freight . Wanted to know why i was only carrying one wheel but i guess they read the blog and don't carry wheels for their guests .

Lousy timing really as i sent the spare wheels home tuesday since i have had no punctures with the Conti tyres and thought they would be redundant for this week as there is more than enough thread left to see out the Giro . Great tyres , great wear and little maintainance required .

Why was i in Torino you may ask ? Fact is since meeting Ricardo in 2005 on the ride from Sestriere to Torino , we have had little chance to ride together even though he has given me accomodation on so many occasions . Thought this was a great day to catch up . but as i said Murphy's law applies .

Using the Sports shop computer since they only use mountain bikes here . Thanks guys !

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