Thursday, May 19, 2011

Slogging begins !

ins Flat stages are done and the sprinters are going home ! Cav 's 2 victories are enough for him . Petacci has the sprinter's shirt so will he stick around ?

For me this season will be approached more cautiously as i have good feeling in the legs on the flat hitting over 45kph presents little difficulty but going up hill will b a question of how high i raise the heart rate !

With 2 bouts of embolisms behind me i think bein a hero is not on the cards so those who wish to race me FORGET IT ! My tempo will be a steady pace that does not requre heavy breathing or perspiration so you can wait for me at the top to see if you can escend at my pace .

Listed below are the contents of the curt blogs :

Tourdafarce.blogspot     :  Doping in Sport

Skippyblogging.blogspot :  Giro reading

Skippi-cyclist.blogspot    :  SIDI shoes 

Tourdafrance.blogspot    :   Wouter

SkippyAus.blogspot       :   Giro 2011 musings

Parrabuddy.blogspot      :    Handbike Giro d'Italia

Mountains are notoriously short on facilities so i hope these items  keep you engrossed whilst i seek access to add more colour  to h Giro in the next stages .





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